7 New French Pharmacy Skincare Products You Need


Hundreds of French Pharmacy skincare products have launched with us this year, but which ones are worth adding into your routine? As Campaign Editor, it’s my job to test products to the nth degree to find only the best for you to discover and covet. So here’s my latest instalment of future skincare icons, guaranteed to up your skincare game tenfold…


#1 The Express Facial

Image of Filorga Oxygen-Glow Mask Super Perfecting Express Mask

Filorga Oxygen-Glow Mask Super Perfecting Express Mask

This face mask will make you want to forget about using heavy makeup and filters. In just 10 minutes, you can see and feel dullness diminish; its fresh cream texture detoxes, refines and hydrates skin thanks to the ‘Super-Skin Boosting Factor’ complex, that also includes an effective, but gentle skin peel. If you haven’t got much time to invest in a lengthy skincare routine, trust in the power of reoxygenation and Filorga – this mask does it all.


• The mask uses a technology called Photoperfector HD to instantly make your skin look clear and even.

• It’s non-comedogenic.

• This mask has a creamy texture with an innovative baby pink tint and opalescent shift when you apply it to your skin; this is what makes your skin glow in just 10 minutes.

Why It’s Editor Approved:
Face masks can be hit or miss when it comes to promising ‘instant results’. But every time I use this mask, I feel like my skin has had a rebirth. If like me, you like to feel products working on your skin, you’ll love this; as soon as you apply this mask, you get a feeling of cool air blowing on your skin.. Its creamy texture dries into a paste, which is really easy to remove. As soon as you wash it off with a warm flannel, your skin’s actual clarity is immediately revealed – I’m always so impressed!


#2 The Pollution Protector

Image of Decleor Antidote Daily Advanced Concentrate

Decleor Antidote Daily Advanced Concentrate

Antidote will protect your skin from everyday aggressors; pollution, moisture-loss and fatigue are among the most common. But what’s particularly special about this serum is the fact it’s 97% natural and it’s super effective at re-strengthening your skin, even when it’s at its weakest. With the dulling treat of free-radicals not disappearing any time soon, add this protector to your basket to reboot the health of your skin before the seasonal changes start to take their toll, you won’t regret it.


• This serum contains hyaluronic acid which is one of the only molecules to give your skin an immediate plumping effect.

• Any skin type can benefit from Antidote, it will slot into everyone’s everyday routine without interfering with any ingredients.

• Antidote always has both skincare and aromatherapeutic benefits; peppermint essential oil protects against external toxins and patchouli essential oil helps to heal skin, all while uplifting your daily mood.

Why It’s Editor Approved:

Antidote was presented to me back in February, and from then on, I knew it was going to be a big hit. Serums are in constant demand (particularly water-based); pollution is always a hot topic, and hyaluronic acid is the current obsession. This serum ticks all those boxes, and the fact that it is of 97% natural origin only make things better. The overall experience feels luxe too. As soon as you open its bulb-shaped bottle, you get the instant hit of refreshing peppermint oil which seamlessly complements the cooling and quick-dry gel texture; this serum is a future icon in the making.


#3 The Do-It-All Day Cream

Image of Avene Hydrance Aqua Gel

Avene Hydrance Aqua Gel

Multipurpose skincare is a huge search trend right now, and as soon as we launched Aqua Gel, it was a sell-out. Inspired by Japanese tech, and our generation’s need for minimal beauty, this 3-in-1 cream is packed with quenching moisture and the soothing properties of Avene Thermal Spring Water, which feels like a splash of water on the skin. There’s no heaviness, tackiness or time spent waiting around for it to dry. Try it as a day cream, night mask or even as an eye cream – your skin will have never felt softer, or more cared for!


• Aqua Gel keeps skin hydrated for up to 24-hours.

• This water-based moisturiser contains 75% Avene Thermal Spring Water to soothe and strengthen skin.

• 91% of people who tried Aqua Gel reported their skin felt more supple after 21 days.

Why It’s Editor Approved:

Avene will always have a special place in my heart. Back in 2015, I got to visit their Thermal Spa and HQ in France and saw first hand the attention and care that goes into each product. Because of this, they will always be at the top of my recommendation list for sensitive skin types. In my opinion, Aqua Gel is Avene’s best innovation since D.E.F.I packaging. This water-like gel contains the nourishment and moisture of a cream. I’ve seen a big decrease in dehydration lines around my eyes since using this as an eye cream.

Find out what our Co-Editor, Ceryn thinks of Avene Aqua Gel in our recent review.


#4 The Luxe Option

Image of Nuxe Reve de Miel Body Oil Balm

Nuxe Reve de Miel Body Oil Balm

The Reve de Miel Body Balm is the everyday indulgence your body has been craving; it smells and feels like heaven. Whipped up in its melting texture lies a rich combination of nourishing botanical oils that soften and scent your skin with the almost edible aroma of sweet honey and creamy vanilla. As soon as this body cream comes into contact with your skin, watch its texture transform from a souffle into a glistening oil, improving the appearance and texture of your skin day after day.


• This body balm keeps your skin feeling moisturised for up to 48 hours.

• 100% of women who tried this cream during Nuxe’s clinical trial noticed their skin irritation disappear.

• The Reve de Miel Body Balm is made from 93% natural origin ingredients.

Why It’s Editor Approved:
For me, my skin on my body is just as important as my face. Antioxidants are a staple in my skincare. To keep my body as equally protected, I swear by this body balm as it’s packed with honey, a powerful protector that also repairs and nourishes. This moisturiser does so much good for the skin, your mood (you can’t help but feel pampered) and even the environment. What’s special to me is Nuxe’s commitment to helping save the bees through eco-friendly honey extraction, and by investing in extra hives all over France.

Love Nuxe? Read more about my favourites in the Reve de Miel range.


#5 The At-Home Tweakment

Image of Eucerin 10% Pure Vitamin C Booster

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler 10% Pure Vitamin C Booster

If you want to see big results from your skincare, the 10% Pure Vitamin C Booster is what you should invest in. In just 7 days, this intensive anti-dullness serum recreates the effects of a chemical peel, without any awkward redness. Results include improved skin texture, an enhanced overall glow, and 99% of those who tried this serum in a clinical trial also said it made their skin look younger too. So if you’ve got a big event coming up, or you’re just tired of the way your skin looks, give this a go.


• This serum contains 10% pharmaceutical-grade vitamin C powder.

• The concentration of vitamin C in this serum is two hundred times the amount you’d find in an orange.

• In Eucerin’s clinical test, 98% of women aged 35-55 said their skin looked younger and fresher after 7 days.

Why It’s Editor Approved:

I’m constantly inundated with questions about vitamin C. 80% of the time the question is ‘how do I use vitamin C?’; now I have the easy answer: Eucerin 10% Pure Vitamin C Booster. After arranging a mass internal trial to challenge Eucerin’s ‘7 days to better skin’ claim, I found out that everyone can use this serum, no matter the skin type or tolerance level. The results include a proven improvement in clarity, glow, and the softness of texture – I like to call this a Berocca for the skin.


#6 The Breathable Base

 Image of Vichy Mineralblend Hydrating Foundation

Vichy Mineralblend Hydrating Foundation

Love Mineral 89? Then you’ll love Mineralblend; it’s a hydrating base that encompasses skincare benefits of Mineral 89, in foundation form. Opposite to Dermablend, Mineralblend makes skin glow. Due to its 70% water-based (Vichy Thermal Water) formula, your skin feels and looks soft. This foundation effortlessly provides breathable coverage from its mineral pigments and hyaluronic acid content, making it fresh, comfortable and beneficial for you to wear all day long.


• Vichy’s Mineralblend foundation promises 16-hour wear.

• Like Mineral 89, Mineralblend also contains hyaluronic acid (high-weight) to instant pep and plump skin for up to 24 hours.

• Mineralblend doesn’t contain SPF, so you’ll need to protect your skin when you wear it.

Why It’s Editor Approved:
I always thought high coverage was the only option for me. I have acne scars and open pores, but after trying Mineralblend on a whim, my whole outlook changed. When you get the comment ‘your skin looks amazing, what are you wearing?’’ you know you’ve hit the jackpot. Yes, this foundation has a glowy finish and looks natural, but after playing around with brushes, sponges and primers, this base will look beautiful on anyone, due to its mineral-pigment formula. For lighter coverage, try YSL’s Touche Eclat Blur Primer and apply with a stippling brush like this one. Or, if like me, you want to hide more imperfections, but still look natural, apply on top of an oil-free primer with a densely packed bristle brush or sponge.

Our Co-Editor Ceryn recently rounded-up the best glow foundations and picked out Mineralblend as her favourite under £20. See her before and after.


#7 The Secret Salve-ation

Image of Mustela Cicastela Repairing Cream

Mustela Cicastela Repairing Cream
Cica creams are everywhere right now – they’re prized for their ability to speed up skin repair. From post-surgery skin irritations to minor cuts and bruises, if you don’t yet own a cica, I recommend that you try Mustela’s Cicastela Cream; this cream’s healing powers are even gentle enough to be used on newborn babies; for skin folds, nappy rash and much, much more. This skincare secret is a hidden gem, as it’s one for the whole family to keep on standby.


• The Cicastela Cream contains ingredients made from at least 91% natural origin.

• This repairing cream is tested and approved by dermatologists.

• Mustela has made this repairing balm fragrance-free.

Why It’s Editor Approved:
It’s my job to find secret uses for products, and the benefits I’ve discovered since using this one are endless. I call it the ‘paracetamol’ of all skincare cupboards. You name it, Cicastela can help soothe it. All you need is a 10p sized amount on any area of your skin that’s sore and inflamed, to stop itching, tingling and kick-start the repairing process. My niece and I share it, particularly as a barrier cream to avoid infection on open wounds due to its antibacterial benefits.


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