KENZO WORLD POWER Eau de Parfum Spray

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KENZO is a graphic brand that has always boasted bold iconography, whether that be roaring tigers or gazing eyes. They are a house that creates contemporary streetwear that fuses the worlds of Paris and Tokyo. KENZO is unique, and unlike many luxury brands, it is relatively accessible, maintaining its level of desirability for the modern generation. Much like the brand Moschino, KENZO doesn’t take itself too seriously offering up a generously playful spirit that is hard to resist.

The KENZO fragrances are equally as iconic and graphic as the brand. Just think of FlowerbyKenzo, Amour, Jungle; each one is a legendary example of perfumery that offers something different. Whether that be the abstract floral powder of Flower, the milky orientalism of Amour or the juicy spice of Jungle. KENZO’s latest launch, World Power, is in this same vein, innovating with a singular signature that is unlike anything else. World Power is a free-spirited empowering fragrance that celebrates the spirit of the KENZO brand – which is to be yourself at all times.

Image of KENZO WORLD POWER Eau de Parfum Spray

What are the notes in KENZO World Power?

Top Notes: Cypress.
Heart Notes: Sea Salt Crystals.
Base Notes: Tonka Bean.


How does KENZO World Power smell?

World Power is intriguing right from the outset. It opens incredibly fresh and clean but avoids traditional citrus notes as its opening gambit. The initial impression is of salt crystals, evoking the rocks by the ocean soaked in salt-spray, but not the water itself. At the same time, it feels quite abstract. Almost as if this impression is cooked up in a lab rather than a picture of nature. There’s a hint of greenery too – just a subtle one, but enough to take one’s mind out of the sea and into the forest, offering an exciting clash.

The body of World Power though is centred on vanilla, or rather the interplay of vanilla and tonka bean. The former is sweet, spicy, creamy and rich, while the latter has nuances of hay, marzipan and bitterness. Together these notes create a soft, enveloping warmth that is starkly contrasted by the airy, mineral quality of the sea salt crystals. Together, these accords create a unique fragrance that is both heavy and light, warm and cold, edible and not. It’s truly fascinating to wear.

KENZO World Power is an unconventional fragrance. It does not follow the rules and exists outside traditional olfactory families and gender lines (a man could easily wear this). It straddles the aquatic, oriental and floral genres, leaving one guessing as to what it is. Yes, it’s vanilla but airy – and yes, it’s evocative of saltwater, but it is not marine. So what is it? Well, it’s World Power, that’s what – a unique olfactory experience that is as bold and intriguing as any piece of KENZO streetwear.


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