5 Makeup Retouchers Elisabeth Can’t Live Without

Image of model with Guerlain Terracotta Contour & Glow Palette

Freshly applied makeup always looks on point. Your base is flawless, and concealer is doing a grand job of covering up any imperfections. You’ve nailed that natural flush (courtesy of a little help from your favourite bronzer and blush) and your lipstick is giving you the perfect pout.

Why is it always a different story by lunchtime? Well, unfortunately, that’s as much of a mystery to me as it is to you – but what I can share with you are some of my favourite touch-up products that will correct any fading, smudging and unwanted shine in a matter of seconds. So let’s delve into my makeup bag…


#1 The Awakening Concealer

Image of model applying Urban Decay Stay Naked Correction Concealer on eye
Urban Decay Stay Naked Correcting Concealer – 40NY

Concealer is one of the easiest and quickest ways to refresh makeup. With just a few dabs here and there you can instantly awaken your complexion and brighten it up. My chin and around my nose are the places where my foundation seems to fade the most throughout the day. So having a concealer in my makeup bag that matches my skin tone to correct and touch-up is an absolute must.
Image of model holding Urban Decay Stay Naked Correcting Concealer 40NY

The Stay Naked Concealer’s patented wave-shaped wand is a great product for quick, targeted touch-ups. Its highly pigmented formula packs a punch, but it’s lightweight enough not to look cakey. Perfect for top-ups while still looking natural, I wear shade 40NY. With a wide range of tones and shades, you can find your perfect match easily – I honestly couldn’t be without this concealer now.


#2 The Undetectable Setting Powder

Image of model applying Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Setting Powder B40 Sand
Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Setting Powder – B40 Sand

We’ve all been there, the glowy foundation you applied in the morning is looking a little less glowy and a lot more ‘oil-slick’ by noon and it’s not the look you were going for. Compact powders will always save the day. There are many setting powders to choose from, but the trick is finding one that feels weightless and will eliminate any shine without making your face look flat and your complexion cakey. So I’ve taken the hard work out of finding the best setting powder for you with my favourite go-to: YSL All Hours Powder.
Model holding Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Setting Powder 40 Sand with powder puff

A few swipes of this compact (I use the shade B40 – Sand) and your radiant complexion is restored. I love the All Hours Powder because it’s so finely milled it diminishes shine without dulling the finish of your foundation, plus I adore the chic black and gold packaging.


#3 The 4-in-1 Palette

Model applying GUERLAIN Terracotta Contour & Glow Palette with brush
GUERLAIN Terracotta Contour & Glow Palette

When it comes to touching up makeup on-the-go, it needs to be quick and easy. I don’t have time to use a bunch of different products; neither do I want to be carting them all around with me (I already have enough unnecessary weight in my handbag!). For me, a palette that ‘technically’ includes four separate makeup products but also has a mirror is pretty much my makeup retouching dream!
Model holding GUERLAIN Terracotta Contour & Glow Palette with brush
I find that my bronzer and blush can sometimes fade a little throughout the day, and if I want to inject a bit of colour and a healthy glow back into my face, a few sweeps of the bronze and blush shades followed by a little highlight on the high points of my face always does the trick!


#4 The No-Mirror Lip Tint

Model applying Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector 19 Intense Smoky Rose to lips
Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector – 19 Intense Smoky Rose

Unless you’re wearing a matte long-lasting lipstick, the chances are your lip colour looks practically non-existent after your 3rd cup of coffee, am I right? The problem is, throughout the day most of us don’t have the time to precisely reapply our lippie again, but we still need something quick and easy to pop on throughout the day. This is why I love the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfectors so much.
Model holding Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector 19 Intense Smoky Rose

Not only can they be applied without a mirror, but they also give a gorgeous tint of colour and gloss (my favourite shade is 19 Intense Smoky Rose), while nourishing, repairing and protecting lips at the same time.


#5 The Do-it-All Brush

best makeup retouchers bareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush
bareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush

I’m of the opinion that every on-the-go makeup bag needs a multi-purpose brush that can be used to apply a number of different products. It saves on space and time as you’re not having to rummage around to find the specific brush for each task.
Model holding bareMinerals Flawless Application Face Brush with powder compact

bareMinerals’ Flawless Application Face Brush fits the brief completely. Small enough to slot into your makeup bag, thanks to the short handle, it has soft fluffy bristles that make applying powder, blusher, bronzer and highlighter effortless. I would be lost without it!


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