3 Best Skincare Products For Lazy Girls

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We asked the Escentual beauty team to share the three holy grail French skincare products in their shelfie. This week, Keavy’s sharing the three formulas she never skips, even on lazy days…

When it comes to my skin, I’ve been quite lucky. I’m in my twenties, and I’ve never struggled with ‘bad skin’. That’s not to say it’s been all plain sailing; I’m still prone to the odd spot or two. My tired, lacklustre complexion and chapped lips leave more to be desired. But, because my skin has been relatively kind to me over the years, I can keep my skincare routine simple. I know the concerns I want to target, which works for me because I’m not one for a 10-step routine – I’m all about minimal effort and maximum results. So, in my shelfie, you’ll spot multi-purpose products for the time-poor, walk-through skincare regimes and my ‘can’t live without’ staple!


#1 The Multipurpose Cream Models Use

Model hand image of Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre - swatch

I first spotted Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre in a Vogue article years ago. A moisturiser that models use? I want in. So I bought it, tried it and loved it! Little did I know that I’d stumbled across a product that’s been a secret solution for celebrities, bloggers and beauty addicts. And, for a good reason, I’ll add!

The multi-purpose day cream is a non-greasy formula infused with shea butter, beeswax, soy and aloe vera. You can use it for virtually everything, and it’s always at the bottom of my mini backpack when I’m on-the-move – just like the models at London fashion week (I like to think). Embryolisse is always there when I need it, mainly, for any impromptu stays at my boyfriend’s house – it removes stubborn waterproof mascara, moisturises and is an excellent primer for my makeup.

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#2 The Simple Clear Skin Routine

Model hand image of Nuxe Aquabella face wash, moisturiser and lotion with iridescent wash bag

As I’ve said, I’m all about simple skincare. I don’t want a fussy routine that takes me over 10 minutes. I’m definitely what beauty lovers would call, “lazy” with my skincare routine. But, it doesn’t mean I’m not committed to clear, glowy skin!

The Aquabella Pouch does all the hard work for me. It includes a face wash made with eco-friendly exfoliating silica particles, a cult-favourite essence lotion and a mattifying moisturiser that are perfect for my combination skin. I’m not perfect; some nights, I’ll use the full regime; other times, I use one depending on what I feel like my skin needs. My favourite out of the trio? I swear by the mattifying moisturiser. I love the quenching feeling it gives my skin, plus the shineless finish. I use it every day, for a seamless base when applying my glow foundation for a matte that’s not flat.

Even though I like to keep things simple, this set has opened my eyes to the flawless results of a consistent skincare routine; when I use it my skin is blemish-free, and the texture is smoother and brighter.

Tip: I mix a little of the mattifying moisturiser with my primer to create a perfect makeup base, and keep my complexion comfortably hydrated all day long.

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#3 The Cult-Favourite Lip Balm

Model hand image of Nuxe Reve de miel lip balm texture

This cult-favourite lip balm always finds its way into my edits one way or another, and it’s because I love it! If there’s an all-rounder that I recommend for everyone it’s this. It’s packed with a repairing blend of plant oils, nourishing shea butter and honey to help with extreme chapping and to keep your lips soft and supple. As I walk almost everywhere, the buttery film it leaves on my lips is a lifesaver; it protects them when I’m outdoors, and keeps them extremely comfortable. Not to mention that every time I apply it, I get to enjoy the delicious citrus scent that lingers long after I’ve finished using it.

One of my favourite ways to use this balm is as an overnight treatment. Before I go to sleep, I apply a thick layer, and I wake up to smooth, crack-free lips, and a seamless base for applying my favourite lipstick.

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Did you know that it also comes in a planet-friendly version too?


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