6 Cult French Skincare Products You’ve Never Heard Of

Escentual’s had French skincare on its shelves for over a decade. In that time we’ve seen some pretty iconic products launch. Avene Thermale Spring Water Spray, Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm, La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+]; I could go on and on. These are just a few of French Pharmacy’s shining stars, the cult heroes that everyone knows and loves. But, and it’s a big but, there are lots of other fantastic products in this category, and it seems as if only journalists, dermatologists, and French Pharmacy superfans know about them! That changes today.

In this edit, I’m asking you to forget about the obvious French Pharmacy choices for a moment; open up your basket to some of the category’s hidden gems…


#1 The Serum Loved By Top Journalists

6 Cult French Skincare Products: Eucerin Anti-Pigment Dual Serum

Dealing with dark spots? There’s only one recommendation; Eucerin Anti-Pigment Dual Serum. Despite being relatively under the radar, you’ll likely see this dual-action serum in all the best magazines and newspapers. Why? Journalists adore it (Sali Hughes – one of my favourite beauty writers always recommends it!). They sing its praises quite simply because it works – use it, and you’ll see pigmentation fade. But that’s not it; thiamidol, a Eucerin-patented ingredient that was ten years in the making is clinically proven to reduce dark spots AND stop their re-appearance. Journalists love innovative products, and this serum is that and then some!

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#2 The Dermatologist-Recommended Hair Treatment

6 Cult French Skincare Products: Klorane Keratin Strength Fortifying Spray

Thick, healthy hair isn’t as unachievable as you’d think; it’s waiting inside a bottle of Klorane Keratin Strength Fortifying Spray – France’s best-kept secret for thick, bouncy hair. A new member of the coveted Quinine range, this hair treatment is designed for reactional thinning hair – and dermatologists recommend it! Whether your hair has become thin because of hormones, hard water, stress, or bleaching, this spritz-and-go spray can help. The strengthening treatment is infused with active ingredients and delivers nutrients to the hair fibres to stimulate growth. The results are swish-worthy.

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#3 The Moisturiser With Rave Reviews

6 Cult French Skincare Products: Avene Cicalfate

Avene Cicalfate is a secret weapon that many mums and beauty enthusiasts keep close to hand. It isn’t the most glamorous product, but it’s definitely the most versatile. People love it because there’s nothing it can’t do. Eczema, ulcers, stitches, nappy rash; you name it, Cicalfate can help. The repairing cream is packed with powerful ingredients that are clinically proven to restore skin, and speed up the recovery process. You may have scrolled past Cicalfate in the past, but you won’t again!

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#4 The Future Favourite Body Balm

6 Cult French Skincare Products: Reve de Miel Body Balm

There’s a new Reve de Miel best-seller you need to know about; move over lip balm, the Reve de Miel Body Balm is coming through. Since its launch last year, sales for this melting oil-balm have soared. Journalists, including India Knight (here’s her review), influencers, and the Escentual team are hailing it ‘the one to watch’ in French skincare. The body butter has everything we love about the Reve de Miel range now for the body, including the honey-enriched formula and scent. Skin feels pampered, and looks glowing after every use; there’s only a matter of time before everyone owns one.

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If the Reve de Miel range has piqued your interest you’ll love Chelsey’s review.


#5 The Body Lotion Mums Swear By

6 Cult French Skincare Products: Hydra Bebe Body Lotion

Eavesdrop on any Mother and Baby Group, and you’ll hear Mustela mentioned. Loved for their natural formulas, it’s one of the most trusted skincare brands for little ones. But, as it’s in limited distribution, you may never have heard about it; the Hydra Bebe Body Lotion is too good to miss out on! The ultra-gentle moisturiser protects the skin’s barrier, hydrates, and preserves the the skin, leaving babies skin silky smooth and supple.

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#6 The Forgotten Facial Spray

6 Cult French Skincare Products: Evian Facial Spray

The Evian Spray is one of the original face sprays. But when the facial spray market boomed in 2017, it took a backseat. Models and makeup artists, however, never forgot about it. They’ve been reaping the benefits of the hydrating mist ever since, and it’s about time we all got a piece of the action. What’s unique about this spray is that one spritz releases several million micro-droplets to refresh the complexion, plus it’s propelled with planet-friendly nitrogen.

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