3 Express Skincare Solutions That Deliver Instant Results

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It’s January, the party season is well and truly over, and you’re back to the daily grind. Your New Year’s resolutions with the best intentions have probably been broken, and by this point, you’re back to having barely enough time to think, let alone spend hours on your skincare routine.

That’s where my tried and tested skin-fixers come into play. If you need to revive dull winter skin and tackle visible tiredness in 24 hours, these wonder-products deliver with maximum impact with minimal effort and time!


#1 The Instant Eye Cream

Gif of model holding Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Boost Multi-Correction Eye Balm Geland before and after application image

If you’re familiar with the feeling of dragging yourself out of bed in the morning, having had very little sleep and looking in the mirror to see tired puffy eyes and dark circles, then Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Boost Multi-Correction Eye Balm Gel is for you. This refreshing and awakening solution has a soothing gel texture that contains a botanical caffeine extract which helps to instantly depuff your eye area, as well as counteract any darkness around the eyes. You can feel it working, and over time, it also helps to diminish the first signs of ageing. Trust me; once you’ve tried this cream, you’ll be buying it in bulk!

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#2 The In-A-Flash Skin Booster

Gif of model holding Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and before and after application image

Let me cut to the chase; I have a lot of love for this cult-favourite. I bought my first Clarins’ Beauty Flash Balm in 2001, and it’s been one of my holy grail essentials ever since. Back then, I wanted a product to hide the fact I was spending most of my twenties partying. I remember slathering this beauty balm on every day underneath my makeup to help me fake a fresh-faced glow. Now I’ve hit my forties; I’m suffering from lack of sleep for different reasons! I still love to use Flash Balm under makeup to revive my skin and appreciate its hydrating, priming and plumping capabilities. My base goes on like a dream thanks to its cocktail of skin-enhancing ingredients that help to tighten, revitalise, soothe and purify my skin, no matter how fatigued I’m feeling! It can even be used as an intensive face mask 2-3 times a week for when you need an extra boost.

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#3 The Miracle Overnight Cream

Gif of model holding Guerlain Midnight Secret - Late Night Recovery Treatment and before and after application shot with model

Stressed out and over-tired complexions will rejoice at being introduced to this overnight miracle-worker. GUERLAIN Midnight Secret – Late Night Recovery Treatment is perfect for those who burn the candle at both ends; it gets to work while you sleep. Even if you’ve had a late night followed with an early start – your skin will still look healthy, glowing and well-rested. If you pop a layer of this magical cream on your face before going to bed, hydronoctine, a complex of active ingredients will help with microcirculation and cell oxygenation to decongest your skin and help it to recover more quickly overnight. Sounds too good to be true, right? I thought the same many years ago when I first tried Midnight Secret, but trust me; there’s a reason why this product is a cult hit all over the world and is one of our best-sellers.

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