4 Tools That Keep Makeup Brushes Clean

Image of Real Techniques cleansing palette and drying rack

It’s safe to say that cleaning your brushes can seem like a painstaking task. But, with the right accessories, I promise that it can be quick, easy and oddly satisfying! If you’re thinking, “where do I start?”- well, that’s easy; it’s with this edit. To make your life easier, I’ve selected four of my favourite Real Techniques accessories to help you through every stage of your brush regime…

In a recent poll, I discovered that 79% of you aren’t meeting the recommended weekly brush wash (I’ll admit I’m guilty of this too). If it’s because you are time-poor, don’t know how or you don’t have the right tools, read on…


#1 The Cleansing Gel That Conditions

Image of Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel
The first thing you need when cleaning your makeup brushes (or sponge) is a cleansing gel that won’t cause damage. You may think that normal shampoo, soap or even alcohol will do – but it won’t. Even though these formulas may do an effective job of cleaning your brushes in the first instance. In the long run, it will dry out the bristles, making them rough and less effective for applying makeup. They can even cause bristles to fall out, and the worst case? Your brush handles fall off. If you’re following the recommended weekly clean, you’ll find yourself having to rebuy all your tools sooner than you thought.

My solution?
Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel. Its alcohol-free formula is gentle on your brushes, as well as tough on oil, bacteria and dirt build up in your bristles. The gel-to-foam formula effortlessly lifts impurities from your brushes, leaving silky smooth bristles that are going to deliver a flawless finish. After using this cleansing gel, you can expect seamless makeup application, blemish-free skin (thanks to no bacteria transfer) and increased brush life.

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#2 The Essential Palette

Hand Holding Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette
Now, for the next stage of the cleaning process: scrubbing. When it comes to loosening accumulated makeup, the most common way is by using the palm of your hand. Although this works, you can end up drying out your skin, and, If I’m honest, the results aren’t as good; your brushes can get damaged in the process. Using your hands requires you to submerge your brushes in water, which can wear away the glue that joins the handle and the brush head, resulting in bristles to fall out and a wobbly brush head.

My solution?
That’s where the Real Techniques Cleansing Palette comes in; the silicone palette gives you the same control as your hands, but with the addition of deep ridges designed to shift impurities with a cupped edge to hold water while you clean. It halves your washing time, and your brushes will get a deeper clean as a result. Not to mention, its nifty handheld grip allows you to tilt your brushes away from the water, so the glue stays protected at all times.

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#3 The Handy Brush Drying Rack

Real Techniques Stick and Dry Brush Drying Rack stuck to wall holding brushes
After you’ve cleaned your brushes, the next step is drying them. As you can’t use a hairdryer or the drying programme of the dishwasher (it’s a common search), it’s important to let air circulate each bristle evenly; otherwise you’ll be left with damp areas, which leads to a not-so-smooth application.

My solution?
Once I finish cleaning my brushes, my first hurdle is: where do I dry them? Life before the Real Real Techniques Brush Drying Rack meant either leaving them perched upright on a window sill or towel. None of which are fun, or good for my brushes come to mention it! But, those days are a thing of the past; now, if you walk into my bathroom, you’ll catch a glimpse of my drying rack on my wall with this week’s clean brushes drying.

It’s safe to say the Real Techniques Brush Drying Rack’s clever design has changed my brush game for the better. Repositioned or moved, it’s Expert Cling Technology allows you to stick it easily to any glossy surface. Plus, the varied-size holders fit every brush shape and size, meaning every tool I use gets accounted. For me, it’s become an essential part of my weekly brush care; and, when I’m not using it to dry my brushes, it keeps my tools organised and always at arms reach.

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#4 The Hygenic Case

Image of Real Techniques Premium Sponge Case being stored in a bag
If there’s one beauty tool that gets a bad rap for harbouring makeup, oils and impurities it’s your face sponge. With a short life span of around 1-3 months, it’s super important to keep it clean so you can get the most out of your sponge. Not to mention, the last thing you’ll want to do after cleaning your sponge is let it pick up whatever’s at the bottom of your bag, or excess makeup from your drawer at home.

My solution?
This case is the answer to all your beauty woes. The shatter-resistant silicone will protect your sponge from general wear and tear. It prevents makeup from transferring onto your base (like the dreaded black smudges from mascara or eyeliner that can be picked up in your makeup bag). Made from pretty strong stuff, it will stand up to dropping or bumping around in your bag on-the-go.

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