10 Things We Learnt After Spending A Night In With Eucerin

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After the success of our previous #NightInWithEscentual, I next wanted to debunk the current topic of dull skin and how you can beat it. Eucerin’s Medical Manager was my first pick to join forces with. Dylan has a wealth of experience; from working in the NHS to taking on product education, development and testing at Eucerin for over three years, Dylan’s expertise is second to none. Here are 10 things I learnt from Dylan about lacklustre skin after probing him with questions for 60 minutes…

Our Topic: How To Beat Dull Skin


#1 Stress, Dehydration and Environmental Factors are the 3 Main Reasons Why Your Skin Is Dull

Have a think about how much you worry, are indoors (due to lack of fresh air and heating) and are exposed to pollution. Try to limit all to boost your skin’s radiance.


#2 Free Radical Damage Can Last For Decades

You know when an apple turns brown due to oxidization? Well, it’s a slower process for skin, and SPF and antioxidants are the two of the best ways to stop it happening.


#3 Vitamin C Is One Of The Best Ways To Prevent Free Radical Damage

Vitamin C can work inside and outside of the cells, preventing them to cause further damage to the cells in your skin.

Read more about vitamin C and its benefits


#3 Your Body Can’t Produce Vitamin C

It’s imperative that you apply it topically to reap the benefits.


#4 Vitamin C Is The Number One Dermatologist Recommendation For Dull Skin

There’s nothing else quite as powerful.


#5 You Should Be Using Products With At Least 8% Vitamin C To See Effects

If you go above 20%, you’re increasing your risk of developing reactions and sensitivity.


#6 L’Ascorbic Acid Is The Most Recommended Form Of Vitamin C

L-ascorbic acid is the most tested form of vitamin C and will penetrate deeper into your skin.


#7 Don’t Be Scared Of Applying Vitamin C In The Morning

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, so it will protect your skin, but you must also wear SPF.


#8 Using Acids Is Pointless Without SPF

Never, ever skip SPF!

Hate wearing SPF? Discover 5 that are free from white casts and heavy textures here.


#9 You Can Fake A Glow In 10 Minutes With One Face Mask


#10 Eucerin’s Vitamin C Booster Is Packed With The Vitamin C From Over 200 Oranges

And it’s a 10% vitamin C serum, so it’s safe for sensitive skin types to enjoy too.

See the results for yourself in our team review of the booster.


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