10 Things We Learnt After Spending A Night In With YSL

#NightInWithEscentual Spring Makeup Switches with YSL

We’ve been going live with your favourite brands in our #NightInWithEscentual Instagram series to teach you something new, and our most recent guest was no different!

Last Friday I was joined by YSL’s National Makeup Artist, Marcio Abraao to talk about spring makeup. With celebrity clients such as Suki Waterhouse and Natalie Dormer, I knew I was going to learn some incredible tips, and I wasn’t wrong. Here are the expert tricks I couldn’t let you miss…

Our topic: Spring Makeup

#1 Sweep a Foundation Brush in Downward Strokes

To achieve a professional finish, apply your base with a brush in downward strokes in the same direction as hair growth.


#2 Press Foundation into Skin After Application

For a naturally flawless effect, gently press your foundation into your skin after application; the warmth of your hands will help the skin and foundation melt together.


#3 Swap Eyeshadow for Blusher

Repurpose your blush on the eyes for a soft haze of colour, and to create an instantly uniformed look.


#4 Apply Lip Colour With Your Fingers

Swap a bold lip for a soft wash of colour; instead of swiping the bullet across the lips, apply lip colour with your finger.


#5 Make Eyes Pop with Your Favourite Highlighter

Place highlighter directly onto the centre of your eyelids to make eyes appear bigger, and to tie in your glowy look.


#6 Don’t Forget To Bronze Your Nose

Fake a sunkissed glow by dusting any leftover bronzer on your brush over the bridge of your nose.


#7 Feather Out Lashes to Create a Fluttery Effect

After applying mascara in a zig-zag motion, move the mascara wand outward to the outer corner of the lashes to feather them out – it creates a beautiful fluttery effect.


#8 Smile When You Apply Lipstick for a Seamless Result

Apply lipstick from corner to corner so that you don’t miss any areas.


#9 Spring Doesn’t Have to Mean Pink

Use peach, terracotta, and pastel hues too!


#10 Use Moisture Glow to Refresh Makeup

Marcio uses Top Secret Moisture Glow on models when they’re shooting all day; just press the gel-cream into the skin over makeup for a shot of hydration.


Over To You!

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