10 Things We Learnt After Spending A Night In With bareMinerals

10 Things We Learnt After Spending A Night In With bareMinerals

If you’re a lipstick lover like me or want to experiment more with colour, you’re in for a treat. This instalment of #NightInWithEscentual is jam-packed with the makeup wisdom we learnt from Hayley Wicks, bareMinerals’ Regional Education Manager.

Now, I love bold lipsticks, but rocking a daring hue can be scary. Why? Well, there’s nowhere to hide. If your liner is wonky, or it starts to wear in the middle of your lips, everyone will know it. But, there are ways to avoid application mishaps and make your colour last longer…

Our topic: Wearing Bold Lipsticks with Confidence


#1 Use an Eye Cream as a Lip Conditioner

Use excess eye cream to prep and hydrate the lips; the skin around the lips is delicate, thin, and wrinkles easily like the eye area, which is why an eye cream will help to nourish both areas, without overburdening them like many lip balms.


#2 Create the Perfect Lipstick Base with Concealer

Apply a small amount of concealer all over the lips to create the perfect canvas for your lipstick; this will prime them and ensure the lipstick shade applies colour true.


#3 Improve the Longevity of Lipstick with a Lip Liner

Lining the lips helps to minimise feathering and bleeding, but it’ll also help to improve the longevity of your lip colour if you apply all over the lips, as well as to line.


#4 Smile When You Apply Lip Liner

Avoid missing any areas of your lip by smiling when you apply; it’s also useful to look down into a mirror when you trace your cupid’s bow, and tilt back when lining the bottom of your lip, to give yourself the best angle.


#5 Tidy Up Your Lip Line with Concealer

Use a small brush and some concealer and trace the lip line, and Cupid’s bow to neaten up the edges.


#6 Use Your Jewellery to Choose a Shade

Not sure what shade to choose? If gold jewellery suits you best, you have a warm undertone, and will look great in corals and oranges, while those who suit silver are likely to have a cool undertone and will suit cooler hues. If you suit both you’re neutral.


#7 Mattify Any Lipstick with Translucent Powder

If you want more from a sheer or satin lipstick transform it into a matte by dusting translucent powder over the top with a fluffy brush.


#8 Pair Your Lipstick with a Bronzer

If wearing bright lipstick with blush scares you, opt for a bronzer instead, apply toon the face and eyes to pull your look together.


#9 Use Your Lipstick as a Blush

Complement the colour on your lips by applying it to the cheeks too; use your finger to apply a small amount to the apples of the cheek.


#10 Experiment with Colour During Lockdown

Wearing a bold colour when you’re not used to it can be a big shock. Ease yourself into it by experimenting with bright, daring shades while you’re staying at home.


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