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Have you not yet mastered a streak-free tan? Do your attempts result in patchiness and orange hands? You’re not alone. I’ve experienced many fake tan disasters in my time, which is why I was overjoyed when Clarins agreed to teach me the ropes on #NightInWithEscentual.

Rebecca, Clarins’ Beauty Coach, and fake fan connoisseur made me realise self-tan wasn’t to blame for my mishaps, I was. Years of bad habits were undone in a 60-minute chat, and in this edit I’m sharing the tips that changed my feelings about fake tan forever.

How to Master a Streak-Free Tan

#1 Preparing the Skin the Night Before Fake Tan is Essential

If you want to avoid streaks and patchiness prep work is vital. Exfoliate, and moisturise the face and body the evening before you plan to fake tan your skin.


#2 Don’t Moisturise the Day of Application

If you moisturise directly before fake tan it acts as a barrier and your tan won’t take. If you have very dry skin, moisturise the most affected areas only.


#3 Deodorant and Perfume Will Make You Go Green

The chemicals and alcohol in antiperspirant and perfume react to the DHA in self-tan and can cause the skin to go green. Try to skip these 24 hours before tanning if possible, or shower before application to remove them.


#4 Use a Barrier Cream to Protect the Eyebrow Area

To avoid fake tan congregating in your eyebrows apply a small amount of vaseline, Aquaphor or emollient to them; this will act as a barrier, and the fake tan won’t take here.


#5 Fake Tan Novices Will Love the Golden Glow Boosters

The Golden Glow Boosters for Face and Body are foolproof self-tans. You mix the gradual tanning drops with your everyday face and body moisturiser to create your own personalised self tan shade.


#6 Apply Your Fake Tan in an Upwards Motion

To avoid missing areas of the body, apply your fake tan in an upwards, buffing motion.


#7 Apply Fake Tan to Your Elbows, Wrists, and Hands Last

The areas you first apply fake tan will have the strongest colour. Because of this, it’s important that you fake tan your elbows, wrists and hands at the end.


#8 Wash Your Hands Straight After Application

It’s very important that you wash your hands immediately after application. As hands are very porous they will absorb product during application.


#9 Oil-Based Cleansers will Make Your Fake Tan Fade

To make your fake tan last as long as possible avoid oil-based cleansers as they’ll break down the formula. It’s worth noting though, if you’ve had a fake tan mishap, or want to remove your tan, start using oil-based formulas again.


#10 Exfoliate Regularly After Fake Tan Application

If you want to avoid patchiness and an even fade, exfoliation is key. Use a face and body scrub twice a week to naturally break down the tan.


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Ceryn and Rebecca, Clarins’ Beauty Coach lift the lid on how to get an even, natural looking tan.

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