3 SPF Mists That Protect Your Hair In The Sun

Best SPF Hair Mists: Model of Nuxe Sun Moisture Protective Milky Oil For Hair Spray

Do frazzled, broken and dry locks feel all too familiar? The sun does untold damage to the hair; so, whether you’re in the garden, walking or holiday on the beach it all adds up, and if you dye your hair? It increases the chances of further dryness, colour fade and damage.

Even though coloured locks are gorgeous, peroxide blonde or dyed is already dry and damaged, so is more susceptible to sun bleaching. But, it’s not just coloured manes at risk, natural hair is also affected. The sun doesn’t discriminate and strips all hair types’ natural moisture along with the help of chlorine and salt from the ocean, which all take their toll on the overall condition and colour of your hair.

Don’t fret; you’re not bound to sun-damaged locks forever. There’s one small change you can make to your beauty regime that will make all the difference; a hair SPF spray. As you would apply your sunscreen every day to protect your skin, you can do the same for your hair; simple! Here are three of my favourites…

Top Tips For Hair Sun Exposure


1.) Top-up your hair SPF frequently on hair and scalp

2.) Wear a hat/ or headscarf

3.) Tie your hair in a bun to minimise exposure

4.) Keep your head in the shade while sunbathing

5.) Use a nourishing hair mask after


#1 The Multipurpose Hair SPF

Hand image of Hair SPF Spray Clarins Sun Care Oil Mist for Body & Hair SPF30
 Model image of hair spf spray Clarins Sun Care Oil Mist for Body & Hair SPF30

Texture: Light dry-touch oil

Finish: Satin


•Protects hair, scalp and body against UV rays
•Stop colour fading


• SPF30

The only oil in the line-up, the Clarins Sun Care Mist SPF 30 is made for use on hair and body. I tend to rebuy SPF formulas (so they’re most effective) every 1-2 years, so a multi-purpose like this one has got a greater chance of getting used up; plus, no extra bottles at the beach!

For a hair SPF spray to make it to my ‘yes pile’, it has to have high sun protection and if it makes my hair look lank and greasy you can forget it. To my surprise, an SPF hair oil came out on top; don’t be put off by the word oil, it’s dry-touch and if anything leaves my hair with a glossy and healthy-looking. You can feel it on your hair, but your tresses feel strong and hydrated rather than oily or greasy. The quenching formula intensely nourishes and smooths strands making it excellent for dry, bleached or heat damaged locks. As it Clarins’ you can expect a long list of nutritious natural ingredients that are good for hair too. Non-toxic SPF chemicals, hair is soft and protected thanks to a combination of antioxidants and Clarins’ signature SunPlant Complex, which contains natural sun filters senna, plane tree, baobab, pea and aloe vera.

Tip: I especially love using this oil on my split ends when I’m wearing my hair up or down to make my hair sleeker and tame fluffy stragglers.


#2 The Daily Hair SPF

Model image of hair SPF spray Ultrasun Daily UV Hair Protector
Model image of hair spf spray Ultrasun Daily UV Hair Protector

Texture: Light mist

Finish: Invisible

•Protects hair and scalp against UV rays
•Stop colour fading

•UV Filters

Shampooing would seem like the obvious culprit for your fresh hair colour fading, but the sun is just as much to blame. The same can be said for your natural hair; for instance, if my hair is unprotected on holiday or after a lot of sun exposure my dark brunette goes a shade lighter and feels dry as a result. One way you can protect your hair from sun bleaching is with an SPF spray like Ultrasun Daily UV; it’s made with antioxidants and special filters that are made to preserve hair colour and elasticity.

With any SPF, over-application can end with disaster (greasy and heavy feel), so you’ll be happy to hear Daily UV doesn’t do this. It can be applied wet or dry, a few spritzes disperse an ultra-light cloud of mist evenly over your hair so it doesn’t weigh it down. I can honestly say that my hair felt hydrated and I barely noticed I’d applied, and what’s more? It doesn’t affect the natural movement of my hair, so bouncy beach waves are still on the cards. My locks look shiny and fuller after using it, plus the colour lives to fight another day.


#3 The Holiday Hair SPF

 Hand image of hair spf spray Nuxe Sun Moisture Protective Milky Oil For Hair Spray
Model image of hair spf spray Nuxe Sun Moisture Protective Milky Oil For Hair Spray

Texture: Milky oil

Finish: Sheen

•Protects hair and scalp against UV rays
•Stop colour fading

•UV Multi-protection (UV, salt, chlorine)

The sun is infamous for zapping skin’s natural moisture, and your locks are no different. To protect hair from this use the Nuxe Sun Moisture Protect is a hair SPF spray; it’s one of the most quenching hair SPF I’ve used, and I can’t recommend it enough for bleached or dry hair. The milky-oil texture feels refreshing and hydrating on your hair and scalp, so your hair won’t feel thirsty after a day in the sun.

Three multi high UV protection against sun damage, salt and chlorine ensure your hair doesn’t become frazzled at the expense of a sun-filled holiday. Some of the best hydrating ingredients such as water hyacinth oleoactive, coconut oil and kau pe flowers add to the ultra-moisturising effect of this hair milk.

I love everything about Nuxe, and one thing that wins me over with their products is that they scent, and true to form the Nuxe Protective Milky Oil smells incredible; the tropical fruity-floral scent makes reapplying this hair SPF spray all too easy, and the best thing? My natural hair colour is intact, and the condition is as healthy as ever.


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