3 Diffusers That Make Your Home Smell Incredible

3 Diffusers That'll Make Your Home Smell Incredible for Guests

I always say that home fragrance is the ultimate accessory you need in any living space. It’s the invisible finishing touch that sets the mood for the room, and the great thing is, you can decide exactly what that atmosphere is. Think of it as set dressing – you are dressing your room with scent to make a specific impression, whether that is cosy, fresh, relaxing, energising, or frankly, whatever you want it to be.

Candles offer a more fleeting impression, and you can switch them out as your mood changes; however, diffusers can be somewhat more of a permanent installation that sets the tone for a room. Diffusers, whether reed diffusers or aroma diffusers are easy and safe ways to scent your home consistently. We’ve picked out three diffusers that will change the scene in your home.


1. For the Kitchen

Best Fragrance Diffuser: Miller Harris Home Verditer Room Diffuser

Mood: Calm and collected.

Room of Choice: Place this in the kitchen for a fresh, Mediterranean feel, or the living room to help you unwind.

Verditer is an essay on figs, capturing the juice, flesh and milk of this evocative fruit. Intensely green and fresh, Verditer tells the tale of a Mediterranean fantasy set in a vineyard overflowing with scent. It’s atmospheric, wispy and beautiful, with a scent trail that transports you to warmer places. Hints of cool earth paint the picture of a fig tree sprouting from the ground, bursting with verdant leaves and vibrant fruits. In true Miller Harris style, it’s housed within the most stunning and contemporary ceramic vessel, with chunky reeds. I’ll have one in every room, please.

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2. For the Bathroom

Best Fragrance Diffusers: Acqua di Parma La Casa Sul Lago Reed Diffuser

Mood: Calm, clear and dreamy.

Room of Choice: Place this in the bedroom so you can have sweet dreams of Italian gardens or in the bathroom for a beautifully clean feel.

“La Casa Sul Lago” is Italian for “The Lake House” and this diffuser, housed within a handsome jar shaded in the most’ Acqua di Parma’ shade of yellow, is an aquatic floral that takes you to a lush garden of flowers next to a sparkling lake. With the freshness of bergamot, the sweet floralcy of lily-of-the-valley and the breeziness of musk, La Casa Sul Lago gives you the impression of flowers and cold water caught on the warm Italian air. Man, I wish I was in Italy right now! One tip, if the diffuser feels strong initially (it’s packed with fragrance) is to try using only 3 or 4 reed sticks to start with.

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Learn more about Acqua di Parma’s home fragrance collection on #NightInWithEscentual.


3. For Every Room

Best Fragrance Diffuser: Tisserand Aroma Spa Diffuser and Aromatherapy Energy High Diffuser Oil Blend

Mood: Happy, refreshed and upbeat!

Room of Choice: Place this anywhere you want to have a happy, pick-me-up vibe, but avoid the bathroom because grapefruit can sometimes amplify unwanted toilet smells (not what we want, no Sir!).

Reed diffusers aren’t the only way to diffuse scent in your home, there are also alternative methods, which leads us nicely to Tisserand’s Aroma Spa Diffuser, which use a stream of cool air to disperse the fragrance oil of your choice lightly. The great thing about this is that you can switch it out at any point, just like a candle. Right now, I love the Tisserand Aromatherapy Energy High Diffuser Oil because it’s super zingy and fresh with grapefruit, lime and orange leaf, which leaves me feeling energised and happy. After all, there’s nothing more joyful than an overdose of citrus, am I right or am I right?

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