Our July Beauty Favourites

Our July Beauty Favourites at Escentual.com

With new beauty coming in left, right and centre it can be hard to know what’s worth spending your hard-earned money on; but that’s where we can help. We’ve scoured, swatched, and tested all the latest launches to bring you nothing but the best. Whether you’re looking for a new fragrance, foundation, or some skincare, we’ve got it all covered.


1. The Sultry Scent

July Beauty Favourites: Nuxe Prodigieux Absolu de Parfum

Imagine for a second how luxury really smells? I bet rich, indulgent and expensive are words that come to mind. Suprise; Prodigieux Absolu is all of that and more.

Nuxe fans will be familiar with the creamy, exotic-island smell of Huile Prodigieuse, but for those who aren’t, this fragrance particularly intensifies the sweetness of vanilla and the sunny side of Tiare flower; and every time I wear it, I feel like I’m lying on a beach with a hibiscus flower in my hair watching the crystal clear waters come in and out.

Smelling luxurious makes me feel comforted, confident and makes me stand that little bit taller. Even during lockdown, when I’m wearing my slippers and working from comfies, Prodigieux Absolu never fails to make me feel special.

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2. The Breezy Brow Gel

July Beauty Favourites: Guerlain Mad Eyes Brow Framer Gel - Fonce

Have you ever seen a makeup product and just thought, that’ll never work for me? It happens to me a lot. Sometimes the shades are a no-no for my complexion, or the packaging looks tricky to use. The latter was the case for the Guerlain Brow Framer; the eyebrow gel pen has a comb-style applicator that I thought would be hard to control, and would have no chance at filling in my sparse brows. I was wrong. The first time I used it, I was shocked; it filled them in with ease – you just brush the serum formula through – and they looked naturally defined! The Brow Framer takes some getting used to if you’ve only used pencils or powders like me, but trust me when you get it; it’s brow magic, and it takes seconds.

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3. The Beachy Base

July Beauty Favourites: Dior Forever Summer Skin

This summer, I have embraced all things beachy, and that has stretched to my makeup stash, too. As soon as I heard that DIOR was going to be releasing a skin tint for the summer, I knew I had to get my hands on it. The summer is when I like to let my skin breathe, and this breathable base lets my natural skin shine through but leaves just enough coverage to unify the skin and give it a warm glow. It wears well throughout the day and resists sweat and humidity. If you’re looking for something sheer that will enhance your skin rather than cover it up, this is it.

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4. The Glow Cream

July Beauty Favourites: DHC Urumai Cream

I love skincare with unique ingredients, which is why DHC’s anti-ageing Urumai Cream has grabbed my attention this month – and it’s because of their rice peptide complex.

Their revitalising rice peptides promote skin turnover, which is when dull, damaged skin cells are removed to reveal new cells, so your complexion looks radiant and more youthful. Thanks to these peptides, the snow white-hued cream boosts firmness and leaves skin glowing.

The lightweight face cream also uses olive oil and sunflower seed oil to support the skin’s natural moisture barrier and fight free radical damage, helping to protect against future ageing.

I also love the fact that DHC’s moisturiser can be used in both the day and night, so skin fully benefits from the youth-enhancing ingredients (while I can save a bit of space on my dressing table!).

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5. The Jet-Scent

July Beauty Favourites: Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Orange Soleia Eau de Toilette Spray

If you hear the name, Aqua Allegoria in the Escentual office only good words will follow, especially when it comes to their latest addition.

Zingy, citrus and fresh, Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Orange Soleia is exactly what my summer fragrance wardrobe is missing right now. Happiness bottled, this elegant, juicy aroma reminds me of going on holiday. The price point puts it in the treat bracket, but it’s worth it because it gives me so much joy to spritz. A few sprays with a floaty summer dress and a pair of sunglasses and I’m jet setting!

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6. The Iconic Oil

July Beauty Favourites: Nuxe Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil Spray - Blue Edition

As a long-time lover of the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse oil, I must have one of the limited edition summer 2020 versions. The quirky bottle design provides a splash of colour with a ripple effect reminiscent of hot days spent at the pool. I decided on the blue edition as the woman gliding across the bottle is fun, unique, and has a vibrant quirkiness.

The golden oil within the summery bottle remains the same iconic formula that fans of Nuxe know and love, it’s one of my year-round must-haves! I love applying this all over my body for a hydrated and glistening glow, while I add it to the lengths of my hair for a glossy and lustrous silky-soft finish.

I’ll always love the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil, but now it’s held in a fun and vibrant bottle. I love it even more!

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7. The Moisturising Micellar

July Beauty Favourites: Eucerin Dermatoclean Hyaluron Micellar Foam

Most people are well versed in Micellar formula cleansers now, but some can be harsh to the skin. That’s where the Eucerin Micellar foam comes in; it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types (as I can attest too!). Where it wins me over, is that even though it’s a super gentle formula, it’s still tough enough to sweep away even waterproof makeup! I wear SPF50 sun protection which can often prove tricky to budge; however, this micellar foam makes light work of removing it at the end of the day! The addition of Hyaluronic acid, an excellent moisture booster ensures that my dry, sensitive skin isn’t left with that uncomfortable, tight feeling either. What’s not to like?

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