3 Scented Candles That’ll Transform Your Home

3 Scented Candles That'll Transform Your Home

I don’t know about you, but I’m nesting. Spending all this time at home, whether that be working from home or just straight up, bog-standard living from home, I’ve found myself doing everything I can to make the place feel comfortable. I’ve bought lamps, plants (way too many plants, it’s like The Day of The Triffids in my home office…help!) and assorted kitsch decorations just so I can feel at home, while at home.

One other thing I and many others seem to be focusing on right now is home fragrance, and it’s not difficult to see why. I always think of scenting your home as set dressing. It’s the final accessory that completes a room and provides an olfactory backdrop that sets the tone and atmosphere for the space. If you want a room to be warm and cosy, some candles exude a deliciously comfy sense of Hygge. If you’re more into freshness, guess what? There are plenty of candles for that too! Scented candles are versatile and portable scent bombs that change the spirit of a space in seconds. They can be changed as often and as quickly as your mood changes, and they never fail to make a space feel truly “home”.

In this edit, I’ve pulled together three scented candles that bring something different to your home. They each work in most rooms, so where you want to put them is entirely up to you, but all three exude a unique scent that will set a different tone in your home.


1. For Warmth

Scented Candles: L'Occitane Source D'Harmonie Harmony Candle

Now, when I tell you that this candle is green in tone, you might not think that sounds particularly warm, but stay with me here. Source d’Harmonie is the candle equivalent of walking barefoot through a pine forest. The warmth of the sun energises the pine needles underfoot as aromatic notes of thyme and juniper softly twirl with eucalyptus, jasmine and fresh berries. Source d’Harmonie is warm, tranquil and comfortable. It’s as relaxing as sinking back into your favourite chair after a long day. What could be nicer than that?

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2. For Freshness

Best Scented Candles: Acqua di Parma Buongiorno Candle

In Italian, Buongiorno means “good morning”, and this delightful candle is the perfect scent to wake up next to. But before we get to the scent can we please talk about the glass jar, you know, the one in that perfect shade of Acqua di Parma yellow? Honestly, it’s an envious object to have in the home. Anyway, we’re here to talk about the scent and what a scent Buongiorno offers. It smells of freshly cut grass and sun-dried linen, with notes of lemon, mint, lavender and musk. Buongiorno is fresh and fruity, with juicy berries and lush greenery, all wafting softly on a gentle breeze. It’s a blissful fragrance that would work well in any room, whether that be the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

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3. For Magic

Scented Candles: Annick Goutal Un Jardin Aromatique Scented Candle

Un Jardin Aromatique pays tribute to the romantic Ninfa Meo Gardens in Rome. It’s a fragrance based around the complex aroma of fig, which smells green, tart, juicy, milky, woody and earthy all at once. Delicate, blooming flowers and sprigs of green mint bring a naturalistic feel, taking one away from whatever room they’re in and placing them directly in the middle of a lush, overflowing garden. It’s strange to say that a home fragrance feels magical, but Un Jardin Aromatique does – it possesses a liveliness that speaks of enchanted places and mythical beings. What’s more, the beautiful fluted glass vessel, shaded in a regal shade of emerald green, no less, is as pleasing as any mysterious garden. I’d recommend burning this in your living on a warm, summer’s eve. You might even forget where you are for a second and imagine yourself strolling peacefully through Ninfa Meo.

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