10 Things We Learnt After Spending A Night In With QV

10 Things We Learnt on #NightInWithEscentual About Living With Eczema

I have lived with eczema (a condition where patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked, and rough) for 27 years. Some days you’d never know I have it, heck I even forget I have it some days. But, most days, saying ‘ I know I have eczema’ is an understatement. The uncontrollable itchiness, flakiness, and bleeding are hard to ignore or get out of your head.

Eczema is most common in babies and young children, but for the unlucky few (that’s me) it follows them into adulthood. With this in mind, I reached out to QV. With Australia’s number one moisturiser for dry skin conditions, and their formulas recommended by GP’s and medical professionals here in the UK, I knew they’d have the tips to help eczema sufferers like myself get back control of their condition. Here’s what Tim, QV’s (Ego Pharmaceuticals) Specialist Medical Rep, had to say when he joined me on #NightInWithEscentual. Click here to watch the full episode, or scroll for the quick notes.

Our Topic: How to Live Better with Eczema


1. Get Into a Routine

Moisturise twice a day, morning and night, but listen to your skin – if you feel dry moisturise! Take moisturiser with you in your handbag too – a  QV Cream tube is an ideal size.


2. Moisturise Straight After a Shower/Bath

Lock in moisture, it’ll ease itchiness and keep skin optimally hydrated. Avoid boiling hot showers/baths too; I know there’s nothing nicer after a long, hard day but it’s no good for any skin type, but it’s especially worse for those with atopic skin as their moisture loss is 10x greater than a ‘normal’ skin type. Keep it lukewarm, please!


3. Don’t Skimp on Moisturiser

Opt for a bigger size at home to ensure you’re generous with application. The QV Cream comes in a whopping 1050g, so there are no excuses!


4. Avoid Soap & Other Ingredients Known to Irritate

Soap is the worst thing we can put on our skin, especially if you’re living with a condition such as eczema as it dries it out. Switch to a soap-free wash like the Gentle Wash, which will still give a lathering effect. Other irritants to avoid are lanolin, fragrance, and propylene glycol.


5. Apply Your Product Gently

Be kind to your skin, especially if you’re applying moisturiser to distract from the sensation of itching. Apply your formulas in a downward motion at a leisurely pace. My tip is to make your eczema routine a self-care step, pamper yourself!


6. Don’t Forget About Your Face & Hands

We spend so much time, effort and money on caring for our face but our body and hands are equally as important. Apply emollients top to toe, and in the current climate take extra care of your hands. Avoid developing, or ease eczema on the palms by carrying a tube of the QV Cream around with you and use it after hand washing.


7. Find Formulas You Love Using

If you enjoy applying a product you’re more likely to keep using, so it’s very important to find formulas that work for you.


8. Consider the Packaging of the Products You Choose

It’s not only the formula that’s important. Whether it’s choosing a pump that makes your application process a breeze, or a dispenser that stops cross-contamination (a must-have for a family), choosing the right packaging is vital.


9. Don’t Scratch

It’s hard, but it’s necessary. Itchy skin is unbearable at times, however, it’s important not to as scratching can lead to wounds, infection and scarring. When you have the urge to scratch try to distract yourself, and/or apply moisturiser gently over the area to soothe.


10. Don’t React, Maintain

It’s important to not only act when you have a flare-up; maintain the skin’s barrier with a consistent skincare routine to avoid flare-ups.



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Ceryn and Tim from QV discuss the best routines, habits, and products to use if you suffer from eczema.

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