4 Hand Creams That Smell As Good As They Feel

Best Scented Hand Creams

Right now, we are all furiously and repetitively, washing our hands throughout the day, and we’re singing Happy Birthday to ourselves as we do it (not out loud though, that would be weird). In turn, this means that our hands are very, very clean (excellent) but conversely, the bad news is that this constant hand cleansing can lead to dryness and other skin concerns such as itchiness and tight skin (not excellent). With this in mind, it’s essential to put moisture back into the skin on your hands when you can, and the best way to do this effectively is with hand cream.

A few months back, we put together an edit showcasing the best hand creams for dry skin to help you keep hydrated with all the hand washing. And to build on that, this edit is all about the best smelling hand creams because why shouldn’t your hands smell amazing too?! 


1. The Fresh & Zingy Hand Cream

Best Scented Hand Creams: Acqua di Parma Colonia Hand Cream

Being honest with you, I’d have Colonia everything if I could: the fragrance, the shower gel, the candle, the room diffuser, the hand wash, the powder soap and of course, the hand cream. This iconic and timeless Eau de Cologne, filled with zingy citrus notes, aromatic lavender and warming, musky base lends itself so well to any product. In the hand cream, it brings an elegant and refined freshness that leaves your hands smelling wonderfully clean as well as feeling blissfully smooth and silky.

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2. The Luxury Rose Hand Cream

Best Scented Hand Creams: Miller Harris Rose Silence Hand Cream

I’d put this up right there as one of the most luxurious hand creams I’ve ever used. It has a rich, buttery texture so a lot goes a long way and your hands are left feeling beautifully smooth and hydrated. But the moisturising factors here don’t feel like the main event, no, the showstopper is the symphonic, stunning rose fragrance that makes this the most gorgeous smelling hand cream on the planet. Richly scented with Miller Harris’ Rose Silence fragrance, this hand cream smells like blushing pink roses picked straight from the stem. It’s juicy and bright, with dazzling hints of blackcurrant and lychee caught on a delicate breeze of white musk. Damn, it’s gorgeous.

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3. The Fun & Fruity Hand Cream

Best Scented Hand Creams: Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Hand & Nail Balm

What I love about Roger & Gallet is that they offer high quality, beautifully fragranced products at an affordable price point. Their Fleur de Figuier Hand & Nail Balm is no exception, and it provides hydration for even the driest of skins, all scented with the fruity, floral tones of Fleur de Figuier. This hand cream smells tart and jammy, with the sticky deliciousness of figs with sparkling grapefruit, soft fig milk and warm cedar to contrast the juiciness of the fruit. I’d say that it’s the most joyfully fragrant experience you can have for under £10!

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4. The Angel Addict’s Hand Cream

Best Scented Hand Creams: Mugler Angel Perfumed Hand Cream

Whereas the other hand creams are pretty much good to wear with any fragrance, this one is purely for the Angel addicts out there and should only be paired with the one and only Angel. It is creamy and soft in texture but packs a punch in terms of perfume. With Angel’s delicious dewberry, caramel, chocolate and vanilla notes, offset by the angular, masculine edge of patchouli, this hand cream is big and bold. If you love Angel you will adore this – it’s every bit as decadent, edible and Mulgerian as the fragrance. Buy this, and you’ll have the most glamorously scented hands in the universe!

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