10 Things We Learnt About Glowing Skin From Guerlain

10 Things We Learnt About Glowing Skin From Guerlain

We get a lot of questions about how to get glowing skin. We get countless calls to our customer service team looking for recommendations, and Instagram DM’s requesting tips, so we knew there needed to be a #NightInWithEscentual for those of you chasing a glow.

And for this topic, we knew who to partner with right away; it was, of course, radiance experts, Guerlain. Famed for their light-reflecting powder, Meteorites and best-selling bronzer, Terracotta if anyone has the tips and tricks for boosting your skin’s luminosity it’s them! Here’s what we learnt…


1. Prep Your Skin

Glowing skin starts with skincare so be sure not to skip this step. Before foundation, a primer is a must too – choose one that’s all about radiance.


2. Don’t Reserve Highlighter for Your Cheekbones

One of Ruth’s top tips is to apply the Terracotta Stick under the eyes in a V-shape; Guerlain call this ‘under glow’; this brings a soft freshness to the eye area. After creating the V-shape under the eyes with the stick highlighter diffuse it with either concealer or foundation. Follow-up with it on top of your cheekbones, down the centre of your nose, and on your cupid’s bow.


3. Layer Highlighters for Extra Glow

Don’t stop at one highlighter! Layer cream formulas to increase the intensity of your radiance. If you’d like to incorporate powder, apply it last.


4. Use Your Fingers to Apply Your Makeup

Your fingers are your best tool for applying makeup. The heat from your body will help the formulas melt together and blend effortlessly for a flawless finish.


5. Mix Your Foundation with Oils or Primers

Boost the glow, and dewiness of your foundation by mixing it with oil, or a radiance-boosting primer. This is also a great tip if you’d like to sheer-out a full-coverage foundation for a more natural look.


6. Choose a Light-Reflecting Powder to Set

Don’t undo all your hard work glowing-up your complexion by setting it with a super matte powder. Instead, choose a light-reflecting powder like Guerlain Meteorites, which subtly mattifies, while illuminating and colour correcting.


7. Apply Bronzer in a Figure of 3

Guerlain is known for this tip, which isn’t surprising – one of their iconic Terracotta bronzers is sold every 25 seconds worldwide.

Apply your bronzer in a figure of 3, and start under the cheekbones; apply from the ear downwards, then dust around the hairline, and underneath the jawline. You’ll be left with a naturally sunkissed finish.


8. Always Accentuate Your Eyes

If you want your glow to be believable don’t forget about your eyes. Add depth to your eye’s crease by blending bronzer through it, then finish by dabbing highlighter onto the centre, and in the inner corner of your eyes.


9. Look For Lipsticks With Hyaluronic Acid To Plump

Just like your eyes, your lips matter too. To tie in your glowing look choose a lipstick that gives your lips a healthy sheen; it’s best to choose a formula with hydrating hyaluronic acid like Rouge G Sheer Shine so your lips stay looking plump and moisturised.


10. Use Your Lipstick As Blush

Nothing says glowing skin like a flush of colour on your cheeks. Pat a small amount of your lipstick onto the apples of your cheek to pull your look together, and give your complexion a boost.


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