Paco Rabanne 1 Million Parfum: The Review

paco rabanne 1 million parfum review

If you hear the name Paco Rabanne mentioned, the first things that come to mind is their iconic chainmail fashion or of course, their 1 Million aftershave.

If there’s one fragrance that men’s fragrance that epitomises young twentieth-century men, it’s this: 1 Million possesses ample sex-appeal and for this reason, has been many men’s signature scent at some point in their life. The fragrance has had many iterations over the years with different precious metals designs and even has a Lady Million to match.

The next generation of 1 Million returns to its roots with an intense take on their 2008 Eau de Toilette. Inspired by, but not the same, 1 Million Parfum magnifies the notes of leather in the original. It still exudes the sexy feel you loved from the original, but with a deeper twist.


The Smell:

1 Million Parfum is what we’d call a crowd-pleaser! Salty-sweet, spicy and creamy all at once, the scent is one that will be loved by men and women. In the opening, you can smell the salty, ambroxide and smooth cashmeran notes but the tuberose is harder to detect. The saltiness carries through to a rich heart of sweet leather which gives this fragrance its sexy and rugged masculinity. As it develops on the skin the solar leather note comes through accompanied by sticky sweet resiny rose that makes this scent so addictive.


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The Notes:

Fragrance family: Leather
Top Notes: Salty Tuberose, Ambroxide, Cashmeran Accord.
Heart Notes: Leathery Opulence.
Base Notes: Solar Leather Accord, Rockrose Resin.


paco rabanne 1 million eau de parfum review

The Bottle:

Gold, silver and bronze; the 1 Million bottle has had a few makeovers over the years but this design goes back to their heritage with a solid 24-carat bar. A little more compact than the previous flacons, the sturdy gold bar stands on its own and is etched with a motif that kind of gives us an art deco, 1920s vibe. The pushdown atomiser is built-in and blends smoothly into the overall gold aesthetic.


Is Paco Rabanne 1 Million Parfum Unisex?

It is designed for men, but is also loved and can be worn by women. If you love this line or want to twin with your partner, why not explore the full Lady Million collection?


How Long Does 1 Million Parfum Last?

The Parfum concentration means this fragrance will last around 4-6 hours on the skin.


image of 1 million parfum for fragrance review


What Other People Think Of  1 Million Parfum:

Name: Chelsey
Age: 29

If you had to describe it in three words it would be: “Intriguing, attractive and wow-worthy.”

Describe 1 Million Parfum in more detail: “I was one of the first in Cardiff to queue up for the original 1 Million back in the day; as soon as I smelt it, I didn’t care if it was for men. I always prefer ‘male fragrances’ on me.”

12 years later, it hit me: 1 Million Parfum is what I wanted the Eau de Toilette to be. Bigger, bolder, and more longer-lasting, the spiciness is what hooked me in; I even let out a big ‘owh’ because it smells so good. It’s similar enough to remind me of my youth but different enough to make me feel like this was a more mature chapter.”

Where would you wear it? “I can imagine I’d pair two spritz with a little black dress; clean white trainers and lick of black eyeliner for the office; then for evening, I’d team it with black strappy sandals, a loose fitted blouse and my Versace Oud Noir for an extra dose of intensity.”

What do you think it smells similar to? “It’s a mix of all of the other Million fragrances with a dash of Armani Stronger With You, and a twist of YSL Y.”


Name: Janis
Age: 34

If you had to describe it in three words it would be: “Nutty, sweet and rich.”

Describe Paco Rabanne 1 Million Parfum in more detail:
“Normally, I go for a fresh sports fragrance so this is very different to what I wear every day, but I still really like it. I found it intense initially but as I wore it I really started to love it. For this reason, I wouldn’t wear it every day but I think it’s perfect for the weekend when I want to take it up a notch.”

Where would you wear it?
“For me, it’s a bit too rich to wear every day, but I’d wear this on date night, meeting friends or going to the pub – basically whenever I’m socialising.”

What do you think it smells similar to?
“It reminds me of high end-end fragrance as it smells so luxurious and rich.”


What Reddit Thinks of 1 Million Parfum:

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Our Predictions For 1 Million Parfum:

We know that we haven’t seen the last of Paco Rabanne 1 Million. We’re excited to see what the next flanker will be!


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