8 Things We Learnt About Perfect Brows From Benefit

8 Things We Learnt About Perfect Brows From Benefit

No one does eyebrows better than Benefit. No one does them quicker either – in 2012 they set a Guinness World Record for “the most eyebrow waxes in eight hours by a team.”

Benefit has helped many people put their best brow forward over the years, and now it’s our turn. For #NationalBrowDay we got them on #NightInWithEscentual to spill all of their brow tips. From brow shaping to filling in, Benefit’s National Brow Artist Lauretta Power revealed all her best advice…

Our Topic: How to Get Perfect Brows


1. Priming Your Eyebrows Is Just As Important As Your Face

If you want your eyebrows to stay all day, don’t skip this step. Lauretta shared that the BROWVO! Conditioning Eyebrow Primer will not only extend the wear of your products, but it’s also packed with nutrients like keratin and soy protein, which condition the hairs too.

Tip: Wear the primer overnight as a conditioning treatment!

2. Brow-Mapping Will Create The Perfect Brow Shape

Have you ever wondered how people get their brows symmetrical? Brow mapping is the answer; this nifty technique helps you to find the ideal brow shape for your face.

Step One: Place a pencil to one side of your nose – our brow should start straight up from the dimple of your nose.
Step Two: Tilt the pencil until it meets your pupil; this is where your arch should be.
Step Three: Continue to move the pencil outward until you reach the end of your eye; this is where your brow should end.

Struggling? Try our Benefit Brow Try On tool.

3. Fill-In In The Direction Of Hair Growth

When filling-in brow hairs, it’s crucial to follow the direction that hairs grow naturally. At the start of your brows flick upwards, and at the tail of your brow flick downwards.

4. Sparse brows? Choose…

No brow hairs? No problem! Backcomb Gimme Brow+ through your brow hairs you do have to add texture, then use the Microfilling Pen to fill-in where you need.

Tip: Hold the Microfilling Pen above the brow, and make sure the longest nib is at the start.

Benefit Gimme Brow+: Everything You Need To Know

5. Mix Product Textures To Create Extra Dimension

Natural brows have texture, which can sometimes get lost if you’re using a felt tip like the Microfilling Pen. To give your brows a boost add in a wax-based formula like Precisely My Brow Pencil or the volumising brow gel, Gimme Brow+.

6. 24-Hr Brow Setter Fakes Brow Lamination in Seconds

Whether you want to try brow lamination for only or a more purse-friendly alternative, Lauretta recommends turning the 24-Hr Brow Setter on its side to achieve a similar result. Don’t use the bristles, instead, smooth the formula upwards over your brow hairs.

7. Everyone Should Have A Brow Wardrobe

Everyone searches for the right brow product. The truth is, that can change every day depending on your mood. Lauretta suggests having a brow wardrobe to choose from; for days you’re in a rush and want to fill-in fast opt for Gimme Brow+, for precision on sparse areas select Precisely, My Brow Pencil or the Microfilling Pen, and when you want statement brows you can’t go wrong with Ka-BROW!

8. You Should Never Skip Setting Your Brows

If you’ve put all the leg work into creating your best brow, make it last. Just like hairspray sets your hairstyle in place, brow gel will ensure every brow hair is locked in.

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