6 Expert Tips For Contouring You Havent Tried Before

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Have you been spending more time researching makeup techniques recently? My YouTube usage has doubled – I’m always looking for ways to enhance my skills.

Since looking into makeup trends in more detail during lockdown, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks I wanted to share; I couldn’t believe there wasn’t one hub where I could read everything in one place.

This edit is all about my favourite contouring tips that I picked up during my research. Scroll to enhance your contouring routine for the better!

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1. Avoid Bronzers That Reflect Light


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“Opt for a matte contouring shade. Avoid shimmer, as light-reflecting pigments will bounce light and essentially lift the areas of the face where you want to create depth and structure.” – Benefit, Makeup & Trend Artist Lauren Hogsden.



2. Don’t Use Warm-Toned Products To Contour Your Nose


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If you’re going to contour your nose use a lighter shade – people often make the mistake of using the same tone all over and it can look unnatural or harsh. Opt for a cool shade, and a fluffy brush here.”  Escentual, Communications and Campaigns Editor, Ceryn Lawless.



3. Contour To Minimise, Not Maximise


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“A lot of people when new to contouring go in and contour everywhere, but as a rule, contour whatever you want to pull back or minimise.” bareMinerals Artistry and Education manager, Hayley.



4. Never Forget Your Jawline


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“Contour is not just for your cheekbones! I love to use it underneath my chin and jawline to slim this area of my face (and disguise my little double chin that sometimes makes an appearance!)” – Escentual, Communications and Campaigns Assistant, Elisabeth Rilatt.



5. Roll Don’t Swirl Your Brush


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“Instead of swirling your brush into your bronzer and picking up too much product, roll the brush across the powder to avoid an overdone contour – this trick makes it easier to build!” Escentual, Communications and Campaigns Manager, Chelsey Edmunds.



6. Contouring Your Bottom Lip Adds The Finishing Touch


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“Fake fuller lips! Apply a very small amount of your contour product beneath your bottom lip. I then always balance this out on my top lip by applying highlights to my cupid’s bow, giving the overall appearance of a more plump pout!” Lauren Sayles.



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