20 Of Our Favourite Reviews To Celebrate 20 Years

escentual customer reviews edit

For lots of us, a birthday is a time for cake, presents and celebrating with friends and family. But it’s also a time to look back and reflect on the year before – or maybe even the years before, if it’s a milestone birthday, like 20!

For this edit, we wanted to do just that by taking some time to pause, acknowledge and appreciate some of our favourite customer reviews from over the last 20 years.

The positive reviews we receive really do make our day; we love hearing when you’re happy with an order or an Escentual experience.

We hope you all enjoy reading the 20 reviews that have stood out to us – and a huge thank you goes to each customer who helped brighten our day along the way! We wouldn’t be here without you.


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Dear Escentual team,

I have been a reasonably regular customer over the past few years and have received many lovely products from you but never have I written to thank you despite the pleasure they’ve given me and others.

Therefore this is just to thank you for those (and the various little free gifts that have been included – always the Emery board and today shower gel) and for this most recent delivery which arrived safely today.

I’m really very grateful that you are somehow working on – I hope under conditions that aren’t concerning you – and wanted also to say how very appreciative I am of all these uplifting luxuries – for that is what they are to me – that have come through the post to my little cottage on this Scottish hillside over the years.

If I buy in person from a shop then I thank the person at the counter. Buying online is no different but, like me, I’d imagine customers rarely think to thank you. So time to do so: thank you, I’m delighted and grateful.










Excellent business
Excellent service!

I’ve been following their page for a while on Instagram and although just made my first purchase, I am really happy to see a beauty page/ business showing honest and real feedback on products such as foundation for example. They don’t airbrush their images and showing what really is up!

I recommended it to my flat mate (who’s a skin care fanatic) and we recently ordered some goods we’ve been running low on. We both got some really sweet free gifts, she got an eye cream which she’s really happy with and is using even now and is planning to order some in the future. I got a self tanning lotion and although not being big on such products, this one is amazing as it nourishes your skin and leaves a hint of tan.

Can’t say thank you enough to the team and everyone working there. I hope in the future we see more businesses and brands showing us real pictures with honest reviews and not some paid for photoshopped/facetuned pictures! – Milena



So glad I found Escentual!
I had been looking everywhere for Cartier Basier Vole Essence de Parfum for my mum’s 60th but it was unavailable on all the big-name department stores – when I came across Escentual. After reading the reviews on here I decided to make the purchase and I’m so glad I did! The competitive pricing, the fast delivery and the little extra samples that came with the order prompted me to write this review. Look forward to shopping here again soon! – Caroline Willamson


Escentual is the best beauty site
Escentual is the best beauty site I have shopped with!! Super quick delivery, beautifully packaged and I LOVE the little samples you get! Makes you feel like a valued customer! I will always choose Escentual before any other site!






I had an issue with a recent order…
I had an issue with a recent order where, completely through my own fault, my order was sent to my old address. I called Pat in a bit of a flap. Pat was absolutely fantastic and dealt with the problem without any fuss or issue. I can’t recommend Escentual and their customer service enough! – Gwen Tennant


I discovered Escentual by accident, but what a wonderful little treasure!
The whole process is quick and efficient, the items are priced competitively and then carefully packaged.
I purchased some items for Christmas and they came on time. No issues.

I made my first purchase with Escentual in September. I was sent an email notifying me my items were up for manual review. Naturally I was anxious as it was the first time using their website. Their customer service team are delightful, they explained the whole process clearly which made me feel reassured.

Purchase your items from here, you will not be disappointed. – Sam Savy


Highly satisfied customer

I just received my first order from them and I am impressed. Not only did I get most of my items for much less than RRP I also got a free gift my order and I am chuffed, hence why I came on here to leave them a review.
Dispatch time was also very quick given the circumstances regarding Coronovirus. I would 100 percent recommend this company and will let my family/friends know. What a gem! – Bahar