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Meet the real-life stars behind our Christmas campaign #LoveEscentual. Team Member, Jade has spent lockdown away from her partner; they’ve missed each other dearly, but they’ve kept positive knowing they’re saving to buy a house and will soon move into together. Get to know their relationship below…


About Jade

Jade: My name is Jade and I work on the Merchandising team as a Merchandiser at Escentual. I have been with the company for 2 and a half years.


How has this year been different for you?

Jade: I have been working from home since April, not been away on holiday which I try to do at least once every year and I am a very sociable person so not being able to go out with friends was a lot.


Jade on Christmas

What Christmas traditions do you have, and how will you be switching them up this year?

Jade: Every year my family do not stay at home. We go away and stay in a hotel on Christmas Day. This will be the first year my family and I will be staying at home for Christmas Day. The last time we stayed at home for Christmas was 16 years ago.


Jade on Ben

happy home essentials with jade and ben

Jade: My partner is called Ben aka Swalz (nickname) and he has been in my life for 12 years. We have been together for 11 of those years.


Tell us about your relationship with them

Jade: This is said a lot but he generally is my soul mate and best friend. We have such a good relationship which is why we have been together for so many years. Don’t get me wrong it has been very hard and tested us in places but were a strong team and we always get through these challenging times together. He makes me laugh constantly which will kill me to say as he thinks he is the funniest person on the planet but it’s what I love the most about him.


What have they done this year that has made you smile?

Jade: Even though this year has been so difficult for us and in general with COVID-19 living apart, he has remained positive throughout by looking out for me, working extra hours supporting young adults and children, saving as much money as he can for our first home and built his own PT business and brand.


home edit behind the scenes with jade and ben

What’s the happiest memory you have with them?

Jade: When he surprised me for my 21st birthday and bought me my first dog, a British bulldog called Sumo.


How do they make your Christmas extra special?

Jade: By always putting his family and mine first by going above and beyond for everyone.


What would you like them to know?

Jade: Thank you for just being himself and for everything he does for me. He has been my rock.


Home gifts edit: behind the scenes with jade

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