Bioderma Pigmentbio vs. Bioderma White Objective

Bioderma Pigmentbio Range

If you were a fan of the original and now discontinued Bioderma White Objective skincare range, it’s time to get excited. Bioderma have taken everything that made the range so popular and improved it with the release of their new anti-pigmentation skincare collection – appropriately named ‘Pigmentbio’.

There will be many loyal fans of the White Objective range that will be feeling a little apprehensive about this reformulation and will want to know exactly what’s changed, what the difference is, and most importantly, whether they work as effectively on their skin as White Objective did.

I’ve been fortunate enough to try the range for myself (see my impressive results), but I’ve also been able to speak with some of the experts on the Bioderma team; this has given me the chance to get clear information about the changes between White Objective and Pigmentbio that you might struggle to find anywhere else on the internet!). Here’s what I found out…

How I Reduced my Pigmentation in 4 Weeks Using Bioderma Pigmentbio


About Hyperpigmentation…

Hyperpigmentation can develop on anyone’s skin due to both internal and external influences – the most common being sun exposure (UVA), age, acne scarring and changes to hormone levels (it’s particularly common amongst pregnant women – but the good news is Bioderma Pigmentbio is safe to use during pregnancy.)

The skin gets inflamed and triggers melanin (our skin’s pigment) production which is distributed to the skin cells via melanosome and settles on the oldest skin cells; this creates darker areas of skin and localised brown spots that appear on your face as pigmentation and uneven skin tone.


Why has Pigmentbio replaced White Objective?

Although White Objective was a brilliant solution for tackling hyperpigmentation, the scientists at Bioderma are always working away in the background to improve the efficacy of their skincare lines.

The old White Objective patent has been replaced with an exclusive patent, LumiReveal™ that takes some of the technology used in clinical procedures to reduce pigmentation and implements it into a skincare range that’s accessible to all. Because of the technology enhancements, and to make it easier to understand what the range is for, Bioderma gave it a brand new name.


What is the difference between the White Objective and Pigmentbio?

It’s all in the technology…


White Objective® patent vs. the new Lumireveal™ patent

• Lumireveal™ targets three of the key steps needed (White Objective only targeted two) to reduce and prevent pigmentation. It boasts an anti-inflammatory action (using an ingredient called glabridin) for skin inflammation caused by acne scarring and ageing to help soothe skin; White Objective did not have this.

• Lumireveal™ goes one step further in helping to prevent further pigmentation by using vitamin C and vitamin E to protect against oxidative stress and vitamin PP to help strengthen the skin barrier – so your skin is more resistant to the formation of pigmentation.

• White Objective relied solely on vitamin C to increase cell renewal so that pigmentation had less chance of settling on the skin. Lumireveal™ still uses vitamin C but also includes Epidermactiv™, an advanced ingredient that helps to brighten the complexion by assisting with the removal of pigmented dead skin cells.


The Products Within The Range

• There’s a new night cream!

The biggest difference between White Objective and Pigmentbio is that it’s now a full skincare routine. White Objective did not have a night cream included in the range, whereas Pigmentbio features a Night Renewer Cream that targets pigmentation while you sleep, and has an anti-ageing action, so now you can use the entire range without having to include a separate night moisturiser.


• White Objective’s fluid and day cream are now combined.

With the Daily Care SPF 50+ there’s no need to apply an additional SPF as sun protection and it will also provide an anti-ageing action as you wear it, which the White Objective equivalent didn’t and you needed to add an SPF to your routine.


• There’s new packaging for the serum.

Although the White Objective serum was popular, many found the packaging inconvenient. Bioderma has addressed this issue with their new Pigmentbio C-Concentrate, which is much easier to use. The enhanced formula now also has an anti-ageing action that didn’t feature in the original serum, plus, there’s no need to wear a night cream with this version because it has hydrating ingredients included in the formula.


Over to you…

Have you tried the new Pigmentbio range yet? What do you think of it? Let us know over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

How I Reduced my Pigmentation in 4 Weeks Using Bioderma Pigmentbio

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