The Surprise Makeup Trends We’ve Taken Out of Lockdown

The Surprise Makeup Trends We’ve Taken Out of Lockdown

Lockdown changed everything in seconds. The party you’d been counting down to – called off, your weekly gym sessions – cancelled. All parts of our daily lives were shaken up, including our beauty routines. Take away meetings, commuting, and all social interaction, and many of us were left sporting bare faces and ‘comfy’ clothes.

Fast-forward to the end of 2020, and I was curious to find out whether this shift has had a lasting effect. And according to our Twitter audience, it has; 67.5% of you said you’re now wearing less makeup than you did pre-lockdown. Is it more confidence? Or the extra time you get in bed each morning? I turned to our team to find out how lockdown’s changed their beauty habits…

“I’ve loved keeping my brows au natural.”


 – Ceryn, Communications & Campaigns Editor

At the start of lockdown, my makeup routine was non-existent. Not seeing a single soul meant I ditched foundation, concealer, you name it, as fast as I could. But after a week or so, I missed it. The beauty addict inside me missed playing around, and I also felt a bit undone without a swipe of lippy and some colour on my cheeks.

There was one thing I didn’t miss, though… doing my brows. I’ve never been one for big, bold brows, but now, more than ever, I have loved keeping my brows au natural. I can’t see a brow pencil making its way back into my everyday routine; instead, I’m applying a few coats of my favourite Givenchy Mister Brow Groom to keep the hairs neat and tidy, and I’m good to go.

“I’ve ditched grey contouring tones.”


 – Chelsey, Communications & Campaigns Manager

Lockdown gave me time to think. For the last 14 years, I sometimes thought full coverage foundation and contouring were a part of my identity, but I’ve now realised they were my hiding places.

I used to worry about being caught off guard on the commute, and the Escentual camera adding an extra ten pounds if I didn’t contour. But, having a break from keeping up appearances has benefited my confidence and my makeup routine in many ways; I’ve finally embraced the skin I’m in.

Instead of carving in cheekbones and wasting time attempting to create a ‘supermodel nose’, I’ve ditched grey contouring tones. I use my biggest, fluffiest brush and my long-time favourite, Guerlain Terracotta (its warm-toned bronze makes me look healthy, rather than structured) to create a natural healthy flush in seconds. Have I convinced you to make the change? You won’t regret it.


“I’ve been wearing less eyeliner.”


 – Elisabeth, Communications & Campaigns Assistant

Lockdown has been a strange time for me makeup-wise; as the only team member still making my way to the office each day, I still felt the need to wear makeup in much the same way as I always have.

Initially, when asked the question, ‘have your makeup habits changed during lockdown?’ I replied, ‘well nothing has changed for me’. Except that when I thought about it, I’ve subconsciously switched a few things up and I’m putting it down to being influenced by those working from home embracing the natural look!

I’ve been wearing less eyeshadow, but the main switch-up for me has been ditching my eyeliner. I used to smudge a dark eyeshadow into my upper lash line and use a kohl liner in my lower waterline – but not anymore! Instead, I’ve been enjoying experimenting with different mascaras to give a more natural look to my eyes. My favourite discovery at the moment is the DHC Mascara Perfect Pro – it has a tiny little brush that makes your lashes long and fluttery, and it doesn’t budge!


“I’ve become used to my skin without foundation.”


 – Keavy, Communications & Campaigns Assistant

Like most of us, lockdown has changed my makeup routine. With more time spent at home, not seeing friends, family or work colleagues, I’ve become used to my skin without foundation, and I like it!

Whether I’m off to the shop, out for a run or virtually attending a work meeting (yes to bad webcam quality that hides spots!), I’ll only conceal my imperfections instead of covering my whole complexion.

Before lockdown, the thought of wearing no foundation in public would have filled me with dread and even panic, compared to now when a few swipes of concealer will do. Honestly, I don’t recognise myself! Blush, bronzer and mascara are still my staples, but my foundation is reserved for special occasions or days when I want to make an impact. If there’s one habit that I hope sticks after lockdown, it’s this.


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