Our #LoveEscentual Shout-Out Winners

Our #LoveEscentual Shout-Out Winners

The response we had from our #LoveEscentual Shout-Out Competition was incredible. So many of you nominated the special and deserving people in your lives, including thoughtful friends, heroic sisters, and kind colleague; we’ve smiled, teared-up, and felt so proud reading all of your stories. Thank you for sharing them with us; we wish every entry could win the £600 beauty hampers! There could, however, only be four winners, scroll to read their stories…


A 60th Birthday Surprise

Our #LoveEscentual Shout-Out Winners; Melissa and Rosa

Nominee: Rosa

Nominated by: Daughter, Melissa

“My mum recently celebrated her 60th birthday on November 17th and due to Covid it wasn’t quite the birthday she’d hoped for. We organised a zoom call for her with friends and had a takeaway for dinner which was lovely. I wanted to give my mum a #LoveEscentual shout-out to show her that whilst times are tough at the mo, she deserved the chance to be spoilt on her birthday. When I told her she won a beauty hamper, she was over the moon and is so excited to receive her goodies! We’re grateful for everyone at Escentual for giving us the opportunity to win and can’t wait to receive the beauty hamper!!”


A Supportive Mum

Our #LoveEscentual Shout-Out Winners; Melanie and Patrica

Nominee: Patricia

Nominated by: Daughter, Melanie

“My mum is 75 and she’s spent 5 months of the last 12 sick. Despite this she has been so supportive of everything life has thrown at me, always putting everyone else first. She was widowed at a young age when I was 7 and she’s been a top mum. I love her so much and sometimes I don’t tell her enough how much she means to me.”

“Mum was completed thrilled. I don’t think she’s ever won anything in her life so to have such a prize was just thrilling. Like everyone this year has been difficult, but not only has mum been sick for 6 months she fractured her sternum in a car accident a few years ago and before that had minor surgery and ended up with MRSA. It’s been one thing after another and yet she’s remained strong. When her Prize came on Saturday I was out and she wanted to wait until my partner and I came back and her 12 year old grand daughter to arrive. She was overwhelmed. She was opening everything and spraying and sniffing them. The house smelt amazing. I really feel so lucky to have been raised by my mum. She deserves the World.”


A Self-Less Front-Line Worker

Our #LoveEscentual Shout-Out Winners; Gemma and Laura

Nominee: Gemma

Nominated by: Sister, Laura

“My sister is a ray of sunshine. She works as a chemotherapy nurse and is always looking out for her patients and colleagues. She is also a brilliant mum to my two nephews and a massive support to me always, especially this year when I’ve been looking for work and she’s been on hand with advice and encouragement. I think she deserves a shout out because she’s always busy doing things for other people and it’s about time she got some shine for herself.”


A Hard-Working Best Friend

Our #LoveEscentual Shout-Out Winners; Patsi and Sarah

Nominee: Sarah

Nominated by: Best friend, Sarah

“Sarah has continued to work as a teacher all over the time of Covid pandemic – in very stressful situation, with little or no PPE or suitable working conditions. She carried on, looking after these children’s education. It meant she was unable to see her beloved mum until quite recently. She deserves a medal, never mind a beauty hamper – but the hamper will make her smile big time! Thank you.”


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