Gym Makeup for Those Who Can’t Go Bare-faced

Workout Makeup: GIF Image of Shiseido WetForce QuickDry Sports BB Compact - Medium, Clarins Glow 2 Go - Blush & Highlighter Duo - 02 Golden Peach, Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil - 3 - Medium, La Roche-Posay Toleriane Waterproof Mascara, GIVENCHY Le Rose Perfecto Liquid Lip Balm - Nude Chill

We all know that the best way to look after our skin when we work out or go for a run is to leave it bare, skip makeup and let your skin breathe – after all, wearing makeup to work out has always been considered a beauty no-no because it’s often thought that it can block pores and cause bacterial issues and breakouts.

But what if you’re like me and shudder at the thought of going completely makeup-free in public? It can be daunting. Plus, I always feel that when I look better, I perform better. The good news is if you pick products that won’t wreak havoc on your skin and you’re sensible – you can wear makeup to exercise in.


What to consider when wearing makeup to the gym

• If you are planning on wearing a little makeup to work out or go for a run in, it’s important to cleanse your skin first before applying anything. This is because if you’re already wearing makeup, it will have collected pollution and microbes throughout the day.
• Post-run or post-workout it’s vital to cleanse your skin again to get rid of any sweat that could clog your pores.
• Look for the term ‘non-comedogenic’ on products – this means the formula won’t block pores as you wear it.
• Avoid formulations that contain oils and waxes – these can run around the eye area and again, potentially block pores.
• When picking a base – look for something lightweight and ideally contains antioxidants to help fight damage from free-radicals and bacteria.


The simple five-step routine you need


1. The sweat-proof base

Gym Makeup for Those Who Can’t Go Bare-faced: Shiseido WetForce QuickDry Sports BB Compact - Medium

Why it’s good:
• SPF50+ broad-spectrum protection
• Water-resistant
• Subtle coverage
• Suitable for all skin types
• WetForce Technology to reinforce skin’s protective barrier as you sweat.
• Quick Dry Technology repels perspiration from the sweat glands so it won’t clog pores.
• Non-comedogenic

Specifically designed for outdoor sports and other high-intensity activities this clever makeup base not only contains high sun protection, anti-ageing ingredients and innovative technology to wick the sweat away from your pores it also features a cooling essence to keep your complexion feeling fresh. I love the fact that the handy compact makes it easy and quick to apply, and I can pop it on the areas of my face that I need it.

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2. The quick swipe of colour

Workout makeup for those who can’t go bare-faced: Clarins Glow 2 Go - Blush & Highlighter Duo - 02 Golden Peach

Why it’s good:
• Combines a bronzer and blush in one
• Quick and easy to use
• Can be blended with fingers
• Long-wearing formula

What I love about this bronze, blush and highlight hybrid is that it can replicate a healthy glow that would normally take about five minutes to produce with powder products – in just 30 seconds! The creamy formula means that unlike a powder it won’t run down your face as you sweat either, so you know you’re not going to end up a hot streaky mess!

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3. The face-framing brow tamer

Workout makeup for those who can’t go bare-faced: Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil - 3 - Medium

Why it’s good:
• Built-in spoolie so you can brush your brows into place
• No need to sharpen
• 12-hour waterproof formula

Defined brows are the easiest way to frame your face and make you look put-together with very little makeup. Now when it comes to brows, I am a confessed novice, but when it comes to using this brow pencil, I find it so easy to create perfect brows that look natural yet defined. The waterproof formula also means they won’t be smearing off your face halfway through your run!

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4. The run-proof mascara

Workout makeup for those who can’t go bare-faced: La Roche-Posay Toleriane Waterproof Mascara

Why it’s good:
• Waterproof formula
• Formulated for sensitive eyes
• Easy to remove
• Fragrance-free

Mascara is the one product I won’t go without if I’m running or at the gym. I’ve tried lots of waterproof formulas, but this one is my favourite because it’s perfect for my sensitive peepers plus it lasts and lasts on my lashes. Still, unlike some waterproof mascaras that can be difficult to remove, this one comes off easily with an eye makeup remover like the La Roche-Posay Respectissime Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover.

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5. The balmy lip

Workout makeup for those who can’t go bare-faced: GIVENCHY Le Rose Perfecto Liquid Lip Balm - Nude Chill

Why it’s good:
• Tinted Lip Balm
• 8-hour hydration protects and moisturises lips
• Includes kind-to-lip ingredients
• Hyaluronic acid plumps lips

Have you ever been on a run or endured a heavy work-out at the gym and have realised just how dry and chapped your lips feel? Or worn perhaps a lipstick only to find it’s congealed on your lips and looks terrible? I know I have in the past. But the new lipstick, balm and gloss hybrid from GIVENCHY is the answer to every gym bunny’s wishes. I pop just a little of this on my lips before working out (I love the shade ‘nude chill’ – a universally flattering browny-nude) and it leaves lips looking full, hydrated with just a hint of colour.

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