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Niche fragrance line up that includes Parfums de Marly Delina, Eight and Bob Annicke 2 and 4160 Tuesdays The Sexiest Scent On The Planet. Ever in a row.

Fragrance is Escentual’s heritage and namesake, with ‘scent’ featuring in our brand name. Our website possesses a wide selection of fragrances tailored to suit every perfume lover’s taste. We have a catalogue of scents, including designer perfumes, and for those who don’t want to smell like everyone else – niche fragrances.

What are niche fragrances?

Our Fragrance Expert Thomas puts it best, saying that: “Niche started as artisanal, hard to find fragrances and whether a brand or perfume was considered niche, entirely depended on the number of doors (i.e. points of sale) where it could be found.” Traditional niche fragrances were made for a select audience and designed to be unique and experimental rather than sell millions of bottles and keep up with trends.

20 years on this is still true, but there are a few more qualities that would shift a fragrance into the niche category; from limited distribution, avant-garde concepts, independent brands, scents that challenge the status quo (of what it means to be a perfume) or don’t follow trends to luxury ingredients. In short, what it means to be a niche fragrance is constantly changing and we’re celebrating that at Escentual.

We know that the trickiest part of a niche fragrance is identifying if they are in fact niche.
So, to make your journey into niche scents a little smoother we’ve compiled all the brands that we stock in this shopping guide; alongside some educational content from our fragrance expert, Thomas, so you can get to know the brands, and the category a little bit better.


A – Z: Niche Fragrance Brands


4160 Tuesdays


Acqua di Parma


Alford & Hoff



Learn more about Amouage:

New Launches: Amouage Honour Woman and Man


Annick Goutal


Atelier Flou








Comme des Garcons

Learn more about Comme des Garcons:

Comme des Garçons Floriental

Comme des Garçons Wonderoud Review


E. Coudray


Eau d’Italie


Eight & Bob


Etat Libre d’Orange

Learn more about Etat Libre d’Orange:

Etat Libre d’Orange’s New Manifesto





Learn more about Evody:

A Look at Evody Parfums


Juliette Has A Gun

Learn more about Juliette Has A Gun:

Spotlight On Juliette Has a Gun

Juliette Has A Gun Luxury Collection

Juliette Has A Gun Gentlewoman & Another Oud




LT Piver






Miller Harris

Learn more about Miller Harris:

Highlights From Miller Harris


Parfums de Marly

Learn more about Parfums de Marly:

Your Guide To Parfums de Marly


Serge Lutens

Learn more about Serge Lutens:

S is for Serge Lutens


Shanghai Tang


The Merchant Of Venice


The Party Fragrance




Van Cleef & Arpels

Learn more about Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinaire:

Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinaire


More On Niche Fragrances


If you want to know more about niche fragrances and some of the brands we stock, read more from our perfume expert, Thomas:


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