5 Men on How They Stay Confident And Happy in 2021

Have you said those three little words to someone today? No, not ‘I love you’, although you can throw that in too if you like. I’m talking about:


‘Are you OK?’.


People are very important to us at Escentual; we’re a family run business with loyal customers, and we employ 68 people. Of those 67 people, 38 are men; a group of people that stereotypically keep things bottled up. A stereotype that’s important to change. So, for this edit, we’ve decided to ask five incredible, everyday men to share how they are and their tips on how to find confidence and happiness in the year ahead.

If you take one thing from this edit, ask yourself, and those around you how they truly are.



“Get up and get at it”


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Aaron Corria, Brotectors:

“We all know the last 12 months have been tough and we have had to adjust to the new normal. We’ve missed seeing loved ones, we’ve missed our freedom and we’ve missed human interaction. We have seen a massive increase in people wanting support with their mental health and looking for coping mechanisms. I wanted to share a few tips on how I will be staying positive, confident and happy in 2021. A big part of how I regulate my mental health is self-care, I am very aware of how I talk to myself, I am quick to nip any self-doubt or negative thoughts in the bud, it’s very easy to fall down the rabbit hole of having negative thoughts which don’t serve you well. Be aware and be ruthless, make your mind work for you rather than against you, be aware of any social media accounts which make you feel bad, follow accounts that inspire you. A big part of my own self-care during lockdown and working remotely has been still waking up early, showering, taking care of my skin and getting dressed up smartly as if I was going to meetings, its so easy to roll out of bed at 8.55 in your dressing gown and start the day in the wrong mindset, get up and get at it. I always express gratitude for the people and elements in my life which I am thankful for, it’s important to pat yourself on the back and reflect on your journey.”


“Wear what you love”


Thomas Dunckley, The Candy Perfume Boy:

“When the world is completely not normal, as it is right now, I’ve always found that it is best to maintain those ‘normal’ things that we have control over, and self-care is a huge part of that. When I’m not going anywhere it’s easy to think ‘what’s the point?’ when it comes to dressing up, skincare, fragrance and you know, showering (don’t judge me, we’ve all done it…). But doing those things as normal really makes me feel good, so my one tip, is to keep wearing perfume, even if you’re not going anywhere or seeing anyone. Wear perfume for you – wear it because it makes you feel good and because scent can bring comfort and a direct, emotional link to fond memories. Wear it because, when you need confidence, perfume is an invisible superhero cape that only you can see (which is useful for all those Zoom calls). Wear what you love or wear those scents have meaning to you – heck, wear something just because it makes you smell good, but whatever you do, don’t stop spritzing. You’ll feel better for it.”


“I’ve taken the approach to do what I can”


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Daniel Smythe, bareMinerals Education & Event Manager:

“I’m sure I’m not the only one, there are many things recently that I haven’t been doing enough of lately; sleeping, drinking water, exercising, eating nutritious food. It’s been easy to try and shame myself for it; however, I’ve taken the approach to do what I can, and not punish myself (mentally) for it.

Applying a few daily makeup enhancers has helped me feel more polished, more confident and look less tired. This simple regime in the morning makes me believe I am my best self, and I feel I can tackle the day with energy and gusto. I also can’t deny I’m missing the light, long summer days, and the occasional opportunity we get to bronze ourselves (safely of course), so lightly bronzing my complexion daily has instantly given me a boost and pick-me-up. In 2021 in a world where our faces are seen more often and by more people virtually, don’t under-estimate the power of makeup for men. Makeup is a powerful thing; it’s given people confidence for thousands of years, and it’s also just a great way of creating the illusion of clean, healthy, well-rested skin.”


“I began experimenting with makeup”


Jack Bourton, The Real Lady Marmalade:

“I began experimenting with makeup four years ago from my bedroom; it took many months before I was brave enough to show anyone what I had been working on. The power of drag is huge, it enables you to do anything, and to feel indestructible whilst you’re doing it, which is a something most young queer people never get to experience. This power scared me. And the fact that I could access it via makeup in front of me was also very intimidating. For a while, my passion for makeup took a back seat whilst I navigated its power. Over the year, I have rediscovered my drag and found my place within it. I have begun practising my makeup, sewing costumes and even styling wigs and I couldn’t be happier with where I am at.”



“I have virtual gaming nights”


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Richard Jenkins, Merchandising Manager:

“Lockdown has been tough on us all. For me, I’ve been working from home almost full time since last April. My friends and I have regularly organised virtual gaming nights, which we hadn’t done for many years due to everyone’s grown-up responsibilities. Battlefield nights bring back fond memories from 10-20 years ago sitting around a single TV after school playing Perfect Dark and Mario Kart on an N64. It’s a great way to catch up with each other and check-in, ensuring everyone is keeping well.

The highlight and biggest positive thing I can take away from the great lockdown is seeing my daughter more than I usually would have. Working from home I get roughly an extra two and a bit hours than I usually would have and it’s been the best experience ever watching her go from learning to walk to running laps around the kitchen. This is the best thing about the last 12 months, watching her grow into the little lady she’s becoming has been a gift that I will cherish forever.”


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