Skincare Essentials With Built-In Tools For An At-Home Facial

Skincare Essentials With Built-In Tools For An At-Home Facial

Lymphatic drainage may or may not be on your radar, but if you’re up to date with latest trends or magazines you’ve probably come across facial tools like gua sha or jade rollers. With the promise of a facial massage that will sculpt the facial contours, make skin glow and de-puff in minutes, it’s not surprising it’s popular. You’d be forgiven for thinking these are just another beauty gimmick that will come and go; however, there is truth in it and the visible results can be incredible as well as helping to relieve tension and relax your mind at the same time!


What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage for the face?

The benefits associated with lymphatic drainage are endless. First off, the aesthetic benefits are impressive with results like smooth skin, fine lines and wrinkles reduced, depuffed and instantly sculpted contours. Aside from the cosmetic benefits, the action of massaging the face relieves muscle tension, relieving pressure and eliminating toxins in the face while aiding lymphatic drainage. Not to mention, it will ensure your skincare is effectively applied and emphasises the effect of your formula.

“As a trained Therapist for over 14 years, I’m passionate about facial massage and the results that can be achieved in the treatment room and at home. No machine can replace the sensitivity, gentleness, warmth and instinct precision of the hands. This is the reason all Clarins treatments are 100% manual. A key element to any facial massage is light pressure drainage movements that boost circulation and in doing so, aid the lymphatic system in the removal of lactic acid and other toxins, whilst encouraging the skin to absorb the skincare formulations. It’s a powerful combination that will quickly encourage a clearer and brighter complexion.”

Lucy McClure, Clarins Treatment Training Development Manager.


Three Experts On How To Perform A Lymphatic Drainage Facial


You don’t always need fancy tools or a professional to achieve an exceptional facial. Your hands are enough or you can use products with the massaging applicator built-in – like the ones featured in this line-up. For depuffing eyes, enhanced facial contours and smoother and brighter complexion, keep reading…



1. The Eye De-Puffer

Tool for lymphatic drainage: Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift

Tool for lymphatic drainage: Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift

Product: Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift

• Smooth wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area
• Brighter and more awake looking eyes
• No need for additional tools because it’s built-in

Trapped fluid in your under-eye area becomes more pronounced as you get older and can leave you with puffy peepers, even when you’ve had enough sleep! This can happen while you’re sleeping because you’re lying on your side or front so fluid collects. (sleep on your back to prevent this!)

One method that will help relieve the appearance of tired eyes and fluid retention is the Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift. As the name suggests, it lifts the eye contour and helps to drain stubborn fluid and pressure in the eye area using a combination of the metal massage applicator and cooling gel. The clever formula actually works with the skin’s natural microbiome to renew and brighten dark circles with bioactive diglucosyl gallic acid. Your eye area will be left hydrated, refreshed and depuffed due to seawater extract and arctic algae counter. Soothing and cooling, every sweep offers a relaxing sensation, giving you a more precise massage than if you were just to use your finger. If you have any leftover product, just use your ring finger and gently press it into the skin.


How to use it: rock back and fore, massaging the curved applicator on the eye contour to relieve pressure and fluid retention.

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2. The Chiselling Roller

Tool for lymphatic drainage: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lift and Firm Sculpting Gel

Tool for lymphatic drainage: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lift and Firm Sculpting Gel

Product: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lift and Firm Sculpting Gel

• Smooth, firm and sculpt facial contours (cheeks and jawline) and decollete, areas which tend to sag or become puffy
• Boosts collagen and elastin to redensify the skin
• Hydrates and strengthen the moisture barrier
• No need for additional tools because it’s built-in

Meet the Jade Roller 2.0! The Elizabeth Arden combines cult jade roller action with an equally iconic anti-ageing Ceramide formula; for an even more sculpted look than you’d be able to achieve with your tools alone.

Firmer, lifted and sculpted, the Ceramides gets to work depuffing facial contours; whether that’s hiding that one-two many cocktails, the non-negotiable Netflix binge the night before or just helping with the natural signs of ageing. As you roll it over your skin, the silky serum plumps wrinkles, firms and sculpts your jawline, cheekbones and decollete with a combination of collagen-boosting ceramides, hibiscus extract and peptides. Lightweight and weightless the hydrating formula works to strengthen your moisturise barrier and ensures skin is hydrated with a dose of hyaluronic acid.


How to use it:

1. Making sure your skin is cleansed, cover a small amount of oil over your face and your neck. Turn the roller to ON and gently squeeze to release the serum.

2. Tap the serum into your neck, jawline and cheek using your fingertips.

3. Then, start to roll the tool across the upper jawline in an upwards motion three times.

4. Glide the roller up your neck to the edge of your jawline three times.

5. Trace the edge of your jawline up to the ear lobe in an outward motion three times.

6. Roll from the smile line, under the cheekbones to the ear in an upward motion three times.

Note: you can use any type of plant-based oil or cream to replicate this.

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