The Sustainability Series: 6 New Sustainable Gifts Ideal For Mother’s Day

The Sustainability Series: Mother's Day Gift Guide

Can you believe it’s March already? The days are getting longer and brighter, and thankfully spring is right around the corner. March also means it’s Mother’s Day, and if your mum is looking to be more eco-conscious with her beauty, then you’ve come to the right place.

The beauty industry is making rapid advancements every day when it comes to sustainability, so we’ve selected six of our favourite new eco-conscious products that are kinder to the environment, and will treat your mum this Mother’s Day.

Read on to find out which eco-friendly gift your mum will love…


1. The Mum Who Loves Natural and Fuss-free Skincare

The Sustainability Series: Mother's Day Gift Guide - Clarins Cleansers and Toners

Clarins’ new and reformulated selection of cleansers is a treat that your mum will love. The natural formulas have been reimagined to help them be more sustainable and eco-conscious and gently cleanse and nourish her skin. Everyone knows cleansing is the first step to achieving healthy and glowy skin, and with these sensorial formulas – including a luxurious oil and a sumptuous mousse– it’ll turn that everyday chore into a pampering ritual!

At the heart of each formula lies an invigorating blend of natural extracts grown in Le Domaine Clarins, which is their open-air laboratory in the Alps where they expertly and sustainably harvest their botanical ingredients. If your mum is all about natural, sensorial and soothing skincare, this is the collection for her.

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2. The Busy Mum



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This weightless vegan Radiance Brightening Cream is perfect for busy mums that don’t get as much sleep as they’d like! Dark circles can be caused by lack of sleep, ageing, stress, eye strain and environmental factors, and this REN eye treatment reduces them from seven days.

Made with a 95% natural blend of clean ingredients – including elderberry and plant-derived glycogen – the cream reveals bright, firm and fresh eyes. The whipped cream texture is almost like a rich balm which makes for a sensorial treat, while the vivid orange packaging it’s held in is made of 87% recycled plastic.

The entire eye area is refreshed as puffiness is diffused to help fake that good night’s sleep look.

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3. The Mum Who Loves Luxurious Skincare



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If your mum likes a bit of pampering luxury when it comes to her skincare, this is a foolproof gift! A truly sensorial product, the Nuxe Super Serum [10] is a golden elixir that recaptures skin’s youth.

The vegan serum is made with 95% natural ingredients – including sustainably-sourced botanical oils and wheat and corn-derived hyaluronic acids. The gold aqueous fluid is packed with thousands of encapsulating microspheres that burst on the skin to douse it in moisture, all while releasing a sweet botanical aroma that blends dewy sap with mint, rose and violet. Plus, the glass jar is made of recyclable glass and it’s presented in a recyclable box, too. Anti-ageing has never been so sensorial!

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4. The Makeup-Loving Mum


The ultimate in eco-conscious beauty, this vegan bareMinerals Original Liquid Concealer will instantly brighten up the eyes and mask imperfections. Perfect for mums looking to enhance their natural beauty (and fake that well-rested appearance), this medium coverage liquid concealer is formulated with 90% natural ingredients and offers all-day-long comfortable wear. It can be used alone or with her favourite foundation and will effortlessly add a touch of radiance.

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5. The Mum Who Deserves A Moment of Peace



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I know many of us would love to get away right now, so why not give your mum a fragrance experience that will transport the senses while soothing the mind? The Tisserand Aromatherapy National Geographic Paradise collection comprises a soothing rollerball, a luxurious bath oil and an uplifting mood mist, all infused with mood-boosting 100% essential oils. Each traditional apothecary bottle is made of 100% recycled and recyclable materials, and are held in a handy reusable wash bag perfect for trips away. Even the ink and glue used to make the labels are derived from renewable sources (such as corn and linseed) so can be easily recycled and use less energy than UV inks and oil.

Tisserand Aromatherapy has an eco-friendly ethos that ensures their products are good for both wellbeing and the planet. The 100% natural ingredients offer a deeply relaxing blend that boosts the mood and happiness. With an exotic fragrance – which blends joyful notes of zingy grapefruit, sparkling mandarin and sensuous jasmine – that’s reminiscent of being sat on a beach in paradise. The power of aromatherapy combines imagination and scent to ease stressed minds and transport the senses to a beautiful faraway beach, using natural extracts from Egypt, USA and Brazil to offer your mum a blissful moment of pampering.

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6. The Traditional Mum


The L’Occitane soaps have been updated for 2021 and are palm oil-free; they will help your mum rediscover her self-care ritual while being more eco-conscious with her daily cleanse. These vegan soaps are suitable for the whole family, and will nourish skin as they wash away daily dirt and grime, with a rich creamy formula and infused with comforting scents. The soap works into a creamy and softening lather and has a natural and biodegradable formula that will leave no waste behind.

L’Occitane form close relations with their suppliers and have worked with soap works of Marseille in the Alps of Haute-Provence for over 40 years! These Provencal craftspeople use plant-based cleansing bases as well as sustainably sourced and natural ingredients that are grown locally. They’ll transport your mother to the small village of Provence with their soothing and natural aromas that she can trust are traceable and respectable to the planet.

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