Fillerina 12HA Densifying-Filler Lip Contour Cream Grade 4 -Review

Fillerina 12HA Densifying-Filler Lip Contour Cream Grade 4 - Review

A replenishing and redensifying dermo-cosmetic lip cream that will plump out deep wrinkles and expression lines, the Fillerina 12HA Lip Contour Cream Grade 4 will turn back the time on ageing skin around your mouth and your lips.


The Most Important Thing About This Product Is…

The cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as plumping the lips and smoothing away lines around the mouth. It offers a filler-like effect to re-densify sagging and wrinkled skin.


You Will Love This If…

You’re looking for an innovative and effective way to tackle ageing around the mouth.


Hero Ingredients:

Fillerina harnesses the powers of 12 hyaluronic acids with varying molecular weights to deeply penetrate the skin and plump out fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines as well as boosting skin’s hydration levels and helping it maintain water. Plus, three collagens have been added to provide density and support the structural function of skin, while elastin boosts skin’s resilience and elasticity while helping skin resist deformation.


What Skin Type Is It For?

The Grade 4 Lip Contour Cream is for all skin types that are experiencing the effects of ageing.


What Does It Feel Like?

The cream is rich and thick yet absorbs quickly.


What Does It Smell Like?

The lip contour skincare has a slight creamy scent which is comforting and not overpowering.


How Do You Use The Product?

Apply in the morning and/or evening onto the whole lip area and gently massage in.


What’s Special About The Design?

The white metal tube that holds the product is simple and clinical.

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