The Women That Inspire Us Every Day

International Women's Day 2021: Caroline Hirons, Jada Pinkett Smith, Otegha Uwagba, Eva Chen and Fearne Cotton

As an all-female (beauty) team, we all feel it’s important to acknowledge International Women’s Day; it’s a day when we can celebrate the women in our lives, while it’s also important to recognise that there are, sadly, still a lot of women who face difficulties beyond their control on a daily basis. We see today as an opportunity to recognise their struggles and also shine a spotlight on the women who are leading the way for every woman in their respective fields; from fitness to positivity, and wellbeing to beauty, these are the women who have a positive impact on our lives and we feel like they deserve an extra special mention, especially on a day like this…


1. Caroline Hirons, Skincare Expert


To us, Caroline Hirons is more than a skincare expert; she’s an old friend we’ve worked with over many years on campaigns, such as the charity initiative, Give and Makeup. She’s brilliantly honest and very much a woman of the people! She’s also an accomplished writer (a Sunday Times No.1 best-selling author) and she’s dedicated to demystifying the world of skincare to make good skin feel achievable for everyone; she’s truly inspiring.


2. Steph, Pilates Instructor


We find Steph’s commitment to positivity, confidence and her sisterhood community really inspiring. Her kind motivation and infectious warmth have had a huge impact on Chelsey’s self-confidence and self-belief during this time.


3. Fearne Cotton, Wellbeing Advocate



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Fearne has always inspired us since her DIGIT days (child’s TV programme). We’ve grown up with her, and she’s always been a positive advocate for the journalism/communications industry. But since she introduced her happy place podcast and self-reflecting books, we feel like we connect with her now more than ever. Fearne has taught us that it’s ok to be unashamedly ourselves and be ok with the fact we’re all still learning.


4. Katie



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Katie has always been a huge inspiration to Chelsey. She says, “For over 15 years, I’ve looked up to Katie – she’s always been the coolest in our girl group. Katie has had a tough year with COVID, but she has never let it dampen her spirit despite her stumbling blocks. She’s one of the strongest (and best-dressed) women I have the pleasure of knowing. Keep shining!”


5. Darcey


Darcey is a huge inspiration to Caitlin. She says, “Darcey is one of the kindest and strongest women I’ve ever met. Her brother went through a life-changing attack that completely flipped her world upside down, yet she always remains so strong and positive, and even set up her own business, alongside running her YouTube channel.”


6. Otegha Uwagba, Writer



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A role model for women in business and an extremely successful writer, Otegha is the author of The Sunday Times bestseller, The Little Black Book. She is also a founder of Women Who and continues to support working women within the creative industry through her writing, speaking events and podcasts.


7. Kate Mallinder, Writer



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Kate is an author who wrote her first novel while raising four children, and even went back to university to get her MA too. She gave a talk at Caitin’s YA Fiction Writing class and is a real inspiration to her as a writer. Caitlin even read her debut novel in just one sitting!


8. Emily Coxhead, Champion For Happy News



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We love Emily’s passion for sharing all-things-joyful. She helps bring a smile to lots of faces all around the world through her Instagram account and her project, The Happy Newspaper, which makes a positive impact within the world of news and media.


9. Hattie Sloggett, Confidence Coach


A writer for Get The Gloss and a Confidence Coach, Hattie’s passion is to help individuals stand confident in their truest selves. Her Instagram account is honest, real and uplifting. She’s currently working on a weekly advice column called the Shame Changer, where she’s helping to change the narrative on shame and the stories we tell ourselves.


10. Steph, Health and Fitness Blogger


An Instagram blogger, Steph’s positive, confidence-boosting and funny content focuses on vegan lifestyle and fitness – taking a carefree approach to topics that sometimes come off as serious and pretentious. We love her honesty and how genuine her interactions feel with her followers. In times like these, a profile like Steph’s is important for lifting spirits and helping you to nurture healthy habits in a fun and judgement-free zone!


11. Jada Pinkett Smith, Artist


Jada Smith’s social presence on Instagram is all about finding your truth and boosting women and acknowledging their struggle. Whether she’s posting motivational words on Instagram, talking to a guest at The Red Table or appearing in podcasts, all of her content is geared towards empowering women and men through reasoned discussions.


12. Eva Chen, Mum, Author



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Eva Chen is an inspirational woman whose love for fashion has seen her go from strength to strength; she has the likes of Lucky, Elle and Teen Vogue under her belt. She’s now the director of fashion partnerships at Instagram and a popular children’s book author – as well as being an Instagram star and a mum of two! We love the way that her books bring her interests together to help teach children about a variety of empowering feminists throughout history.


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