3 Of The Best Mascaras To Make Your Lashes Grow

Best Mascaras To Help Lash Growth

Have you ever heard someone say they want shorter or thinner lashes? No? I didn’t think so! And that’s because most of us long for longer, thicker lashes. The problem is, most of us are not doing our lashes any favours and in order to help your lashes to flourish, you need to give them a little bit of a helping hand. The good news is that it’s not difficult when you know how…


How can I make my lashes grow?

No more false lashes – as good as they look when you’re wearing them, if you’re serious about growing your lashes you’ll need to lay off the falsies for a bit. They can pull out existing lashes because of the adhesive used and cause lashes to look thin.

Eat your way to longer lashes – foods like fish, eggs, beans, soy protein and yoghurt will help lashes to grow. Salmon is also a great choice.

Pick a mascara that contains ingredients to stimulate lash growth – this way you can be nourishing your lashes every day as well as helping them to grow.

Use a growth serum – this will help to encourage growth as well as thickness to your lashes, be consistent though and make sure you use it daily, otherwise, it will hinder the results.


1. The Do-it-All Growth Mascara

Best Growth Mascaras For Sparse Lashes

Product name: Guerlain Mad Eyes Mascara

Why it helps lashes to grow: it contains D-panthenol to prevent lash fallout as well as ingredients to keep the lashes hydrated, smooth and redensified so that they are stronger and don’t fall out or break easily.
Wand: it’s short in length but the brush is loaded with soft-fibre bristles which helps to increase the density of each lash as well as making sure each application is clump-free.
Longevity: Overall excellent, a tiny bit of flaking after 14 hours of wear, but I put it through its paces!
Special features in addition to helping lashes to grow:
• Water-resistant formula that also resists humidity.
• Lengthening and thickening formula.
• Suitable for contact lens wearers.
• A fruity-floral aroma that combines rose, jasmine, raspberry, peach and white musk.

Best Growth Mascara: guerlain mad eyes

Dubbed as ‘skincare for your lashes’, this is a mascara that combines a do-it-all formula with a lash serum. With one coat, I managed to create a natural lash look, coat two took my lashes up a notch with more volume and depth and coat three made me look as though I was wearing false eyelashes.

On top of the length and thickness this mascara effortlessly adds to lashes with it’s fortifying ingredients which help to boost the health of your lashes and help them to grow. After around a month of wearing this mascara everyday my lashes look fuller and longer, and I’m certainly not ‘mad’ about that!

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2. The Gentle Growth Mascara

best growth mascara la rocheposay toleriane multi-dimentions mascara

Product name: La Roche-Posay Toleriane Multi-Dimension Mascara

Why it helps lashes to grow: arginine, a completely natural substance improves the absorption of conditioning ingredients in the mascara to stimulate the growth of eyelashes.

Wand: a slender and flexible silicone wand.

Longevity: it smudged a tiny bit after around 10 hours but overall very good wear-time.

Special features in addition to helping lashes to grow: it smudged a tiny bit after around 10 hours but overall very good wear-time.
• Created for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
• Comfortable wear throughout the day.
• Refortifies weak lashes.
• Creates volume and definition.

best growth mascara La Roche-Posay Toleriane Multi-Dimension Mascara

If you ever wanted proof that you don’t have to compromise when it comes to mascara suitable for sensitive eyes, this is it. Not only did it make my lashes look really long, defined and fluttery with a hint of volume after using it – for a month my lashes look fuller and longer. Another thing I love about La Roche-Posay mascaras are the wands, they always get it spot on! This silicone brush is no different with just the right size bristles to coat all the lashes.

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3. The Lash-Boosting Growth Serum

best growth mascara: Filorga Optim Eyes Lashes and Brows Booster Serum and Volumising Care

Product name: Filorga Optim Eyes Lashes and Brows Booster Serum and Volumising Care

Why it helps lashes to grow: a combination of a protective, strengthening and growth serum applied at the roots of lashes and a conditioning serum to brush through the lashes to encourage growth and volume.

Special features in addition to helping lashes to grow:
• It will also help your brows to grow, too.
• Adds volume and thickness to lashes.
• Primes lashes ready for makeup.

Ok, so not ‘strictly’ a mascara (although the mascara wand end does help to define lashes if you were looking for a barely-there effect) but I wanted to include it since it really is an important step if you’re looking to grow your lashes. I enjoy the process of putting this on before bed, and my lashes definitely had a growth spurt after around two weeks.

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