Ultrasun Transparent Urban UV Protection Mist SPF50 Review

Ultrasun Transparent Urban UV Protection Mist SPF50 Review

Do you love skincare, beauty or sun care products that offer great results without demanding your time, effort or stress? If the answer is yes, that means we’re alike, and that also means that you’ll want to know all about Ultrasun’s exciting new SPF. You’ll be impressed by just how quick, easy and effortless it makes the sunscreen application process.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Ultrasun’s Transparent Urban UV Protection Mist, an SPF50 facial mist that offers broad-spectrum protection to guard against the effects of UVA rays, UVB rays, infrared A and blue light…
Ultrasun Transparent Urban UV Protection Mist SPF50 Review

The Most Important Thing About This Sunscreen Is…

Ultrasun’s light UV Protection Mist for the face and scalp offers high protection against damaging solar rays – in fact; it offers very high defence against UVA rays (95% absorbance) and SPF50 protection against UVB rays.

It also defends against infrared A light and it’s anti-blue light too, so it’s perfect for those of us who are in front of a screen all day long!

Ultrasun Transparent Urban UV Protection Mist SPF50 Review

You Will Love This SPF If…

The water-resistant UV mist is suitable for all skin types. It’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, so all skin types can use and love using this SPF. It even helps to prevent sun allergies, so you’d be hard pushed to find someone who wouldn’t love this SPF!

But one of the main things that I think lots of people will love about this UV mist is, of course, its spray format; it’s ideal if you want a quick and easy way to protect your complexion.


The Formula:

As well as offering exceptional broad-spectrum protection, the SPF spray also contains an antioxidant complex, InfraGuard®, which combines organic sunflower shoots and powerful antioxidants from the tara tree. Together, these natural ingredients help inhibit light-induced skin ageing and prevent skin density loss caused by infrared A light. Plus, InfraGuard® also protects essential skin cells from high energy visible light (HEVL), also known as ‘blue light’.
Ultrasun Transparent Urban UV Protection Mist SPF50 Review

The Texture:

The super-lightweight mist is both non-greasy and quick-drying. It applies with a transparent finish, meaning that it’s ideal for wearing alone, or on top of or beneath makeup. I was impressed with just how weightless it felt and how clear it looked – you could easily forget you have it on!

I love its fine spray format; it makes reapplying quick and painless, especially if you want to top up halfway through the day, but you’re already wearing makeup.


How Should You Apply It?

Shake well before use. Use every day; to maintain a high level of protection, reapply every two hours. Make sure your eyes and mouth are closed during the application, with your lips pursed together. Spray generously and evenly over the whole face in a horizontal movement, taking care to apply at a minimum of 15cm distance from the face. As you have to press your lips together as you apply, I’d recommend the Ultrasun Lip Protection & Care SPF30 to keep your pout properly protected in the sun.

The SPF mist has quite a potent scent and is held in a pressurised can, so it’s recommended that you don’t directly inhale it – and I’d advise using it somewhere airy or near a window.

Ultrasun Transparent Urban UV Protection Mist SPF50 Review

What’s Special About The Bottle?

The SPF comes in a handy white spray bottle with delicate pink detail; its spray top disperses a fine, even mist to protect your complexion in moments.



  • Vegan
  • Reef-friendly formula.
  • Fragrance-free,
  • Mineral oil-free
  • PEG/PPG emulsifier-free
  • Silicone-free
  • Aluminium combination-free
  • Alcohol-free.
  • Non-comedogenic


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