6 Scents That Remind Us Of The Men We Love

Scents That Remind Us Of The Men We Love

Scents create memories; there’s nothing better than recalling a smell that creates a fond reminder. From a specific fabric softener to sniffing spicy fragrance facets left on a scarf – every scent memory is precious.

With that in mind, we asked the team to dig deep and share the aromas that remind them of their favourite men in their life. Scroll to learn more about how scents have impacted their relationships, and leave a comment below with what memories this post conjured up for you…

1. Ceryn on her Dad…

Scents That Remind Us Of The Men We Love

Davidoff Cool Water always reminds me of my dad…

My dad is a creature of habit. You’ll always find him in jeans and a polo shirt (a jumper in winter), Saturday afternoons are spent (pre-covid) in the local rugby club, and the only fragrance you’ll ever find him wearing is Davidoff Cool Water.

The fresh aquatic scent has been his signature since I was born; it’s easy-going, just like him, and “isn’t too in your face” and “smells clean”, as he’d describe it. He’s of the mentality that if something isn’t broken, why fix it, and that’s why he’s been loyal to this fragrance for thirty-plus years, plus there’s the fact that he has a backstock of bottles because it’s all me and my sisters can think to buy him for birthdays and Christmas.

2. Chelsey on her Grandfather…

Scents That Remind Us Of The Men We Love

Old Spice will never fail to remind me of my grandfather…

Although my bampy never took fragrance seriously, he always smelt impeccable. Now he’s gone, I’m so grateful he had a distinctive scent so I treasure his memory. Old Spice, mixed with Brut was his signature. Whenever I smell this green-barbershop aftershave, I smile. I always imagine him laughing and joking around, slapping it on his face after shaving.


3. Caitlin on her Fiancé…

Scents That Remind Us Of The Men We Love

Moschino Toy Boy reminds me of my fiancé…

I bought Toy Boy for my partner, Dylan, not just because I thought he would like it, but because I loved it so much! It’s spicy, woody and utterly sexy, so I loved this scent on him. He likes it too, and (pre-lockdown) he would opt for it every time we went out.

When I’ve been working from home with him physically in work all day, I keep it on my desk as I like to spray it as it instantly reminds me of concerts and trips away, which are some of our favourite things to do together and some of my favourite memories (plus the teddy bear bottle is so cute!).

The unique blend of sweet and floral pepperiness smells like a dream against clean skin and a fresh crisp shirt; it’s the ideal date night fragrance! I love stealing this and spraying it on myself too, it’s definitely a unisex fragrance and I love it all the more because now it smells like Dylan! Plus, Dylan is my toyboy too, so it’s a perfect fit!

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4. Darcey on her Partner…

Scents That Remind Us Of The Men We Love

Paco Rabanne Pure XS reminds me of my partner

Since our very first date I have always associated Pure XS with my partner, Robb, I loved the fresh spices and woody facets! It’s the perfect fragrance for him – the sweetness of the sap and base notes of myrrh resonate with his love of the outdoors. Personally, the sharp ginger and cinnamon dust takes me back to winters cuddling on the sofa. Whenever I miss him, I spray the fragrance and it brings me a sense of warmth.

Paco Rabanne Pure XS Review

5. Kate on her Dad…

Scents That Remind Us Of The Men We Love

The smell of fresh country walks remind me of my Dad…

I don’t have one set fragrance that reminds me of my Dad; he doesn’t wear fragrance very often and he doesn’t have a ‘signature scent’. But like a lot of people, even a simple, everyday scent can be linked to our memories and our times together with people – and for me personally, the natural fresh, herbaceous or woody scent of the natural world always reminds me of my Dad.

Throughout lockdown, me and my Dad have been going on lots of long walks together. We enjoyed walking before, but we’ve really cherished the time and opportunity to walk together during lockdown; we probably wouldn’t have had that much free time if it weren’t for lockdown. We’ve been able to enjoy and appreciate our surroundings more, and we’ve even discovered a few shortcuts or places we hadn’t walked through before – despite them being on our doorstep!

We’ve particularly enjoyed hiking, and we’ve now experienced our local hill in all weather conditions and through all seasons. From crisp and dry misty winter mornings when the only discernible scent was fresh air, to the warmer summer mornings when the sun slowly heats up the aromatic herbs, fresh berries and soft earth underfoot, these natural aromas will now always remind me of our walks together.


6. Keavy on her Partner…

Scents That Remind Us Of The Men We Love

Dolce & Gabbana K reminds me of my partner

I bought my partner Kristian Dolce K because I find the fresh woodiness super sexy and his name begins with a K and his surname is King so I thought it’s meant to be – it was made for him!

He’s not very high maintenance so only tends to wear fragrance because I like them, but he said K is good, which in his language means top-notch! Whenever he’s dressing up smart for date night he spritzes it so now every time I smell it I associate it with comfort and funny memories.


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