Amouage Enclave Eau de Parfum Review

Amouage Renaissance Collection Enclave Eau de Parfum Review

Enclave Eau de Parfum is masterfully made to mimic a specific sight, setting, and time in Oman. The unisex fragrance blends earthy, woody and warm notes to capture the moment when the sun’s last few rays fall onto Musandam’s fjords in north Oman.


The Most Important Thing About This Fragrance Is…

This niche Eau de Parfum exudes luxury and expertise, which I now expect from Amouage. It pays homage to the northern fjords of Oman, the home of this premium brand, as its warm but earthy scent allows you to imagine the sun’s dying rays as they fall upon the earthy landscape where the land and the sea meet.

But how does this fragrance celebrate this unique landscape? It creates a fresh, cool tone that recalls the sea, shadows and the start of the evening while creating stark contrasts with warm, spicy natural notes to mimic the energy produced by the sun, vegetation and life seen in the area.

Pink pepper CO² heightens warming cardamom oil, cooling spearmint oil and cinnamon bark oil as the fragrance opens before introducing an earthy, floral heart as the scent mellows. Rose absolute and musky patchouli harmonise with dry vetiver and balsamic olibanum in the heart before a warm, rich and opulent ambery base of Saffiano™, AmberXtreme™ and labdanum resinoid.


You Will Love This If…

If you’re a fan of earthy, spicy scents that fall more into a dark, deep fragrance category as opposed to sweet, fruity perfumes, then you’ll love Amouage Enclave.


Enclave Eau de Parfum Smells Similar To:

This fragrance is often compared to the likes of Enigma Pour Homme by Roja Dove, as it has a similarly warm, spicy tone. If you’re unfamiliar with this fragrance, I think you’ll appreciate Enclave if you like moodier, earthier and dramatic scents.


Is Amouage Enclave Unisex?

I agree that Enclave Eau de Parfum is unisex – it’s perfect for anyone who loves rich fragrances.


What’s The Longevity Like?

Enclave undoubtedly surpassed the expectations of an Eau de Parfum for me – I spritzed it onto both wrists at around 9 am, and I could still smell its more mellow base that evening.


What’s The Story?

Amouage Enclave celebrates the northern fjords of Musandam, a mountainous Omani peninsula projecting into the Strait of Hormuz. The perfumer for Enclave Eau de Parfum, Julien Rasquinet, explains, ‘I chose to express the deep freshness of the fjords with spearmint and cardamom oils, which refresh the cliffs on which the sun has beaten down all day long’. He revealed that they mimicked the sun’s day-long heat using ‘AmberExtreme, labdanum resinoid and cinnamon oil […] whole earthy notes of vetiver and patchouli evoke hot lands and stones.’


What’s Special About The Bottle?

The fragrance comes in a sleek deep blue flacon that perfectly reflects the brooding waters at Musandam, especially as the day gives way to night. Of course, it’s embellished with a pale blue edition of the Amouage signet to remind you of the premium, niche brand’s heritage.


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