Decleor Cica-Botanic Mask Review

Decleor Cica-Botanic Mask Review

Do you ever feel like your complexion needs more care and nourishment than it’s getting? If so, you’ll want to learn all about the Cica-Botanic Mask by Decleor, a gentle and nurturing face mask that helps to restore and repair even the driest and most delicate skin.


The Most Important Thing About This Product Is…

Powered by natural ingredients and essential oils, this luxurious Decleor face mask provides instant nourishment to restore and soothe sensitive complexions prone to redness.

It offers an impressive 3-in-1 action as it promotes skin barrier repair and intense hydration when your skin needs it the most – whether that’s down to the changing seasons, sun exposure, pollution or the cold.

But what exactly are the triple actions it offers?

1. Restoring Action: It helps to restore hydration for up to 48 hours.
2. Protecting Action: It helps to minimise water loss by up to 25% water after one use by reinforcing the skin barrier function and locking in water on the skin’s surface.
3. Soothing Action: It instantly and deeply calms and cools the skin.

Decleor Cica-Botanic Mask Review

You Will Love This If…

If you have dry or fragile skin that often reacts or disagrees with many skincare products – especially masks. Or, if you’re looking to target your delicate complexion while still enjoying the luxurious, pampering experience of a face mask, you’ll love the Cica-Botanic Mask.

Decleor Cica-Botanic Mask Review

Hero Ingredients:

You’ll find eucalyptus essential oil and Centella Asiatica extract at the heart of this formula, which are the star ingredients within a 99% natural-origin formula.

Centella Asiatica extract promotes and speeds up skin regeneration for healthy, happy skin, while eucalyptus has healing and antibacterial properties. The SOS face treatment also includes an additional concoction of skin-loving ingredients, like nourishing shea butter and super hydrating sweet almond oil – and let’s not forget the 23% dose of skin-quenching natural origin glycerin.

Decleor Cica-Botanic Mask Review

What Skin Type Is It For?

This mask is for dry, delicate skin that can be reactive.


What Does It Feel Like?

The non-sticky, non-greasy Cica-Botanic mask has an innovative yet sensorial dual oil-in-water technology: the oil phase has shea butter and almond oil. In contrast, its water phase contains glycerin.

The formula has a soft, gentle cream texture that smooths over skin easily and almost feels like a rich moisturiser rather than a face mask, and it soaks into the skin just as quickly as a face cream, too.

As the mask gently absorbs into your complexion, it provides intense nourishment and hydration to leave skin feeling calm and comfortable. I love how cooling and calming it feels, too – an experience elevated by the relaxing, mood-enhancing scent. Plus, it’s also nice to find a creamy face mask that doesn’t run or even require you to sit still to use it, which is ideal if you want to nourish your skin, but you’re pushed for time. You could even pop this on as a treatment as you sit at your work-from-home office space!

Decleor Cica-Botanic Mask Review

What Does It Smell Like?

The mask features the fresh, calming aroma of eucalyptus essential oil scent, which helps you feel relieved and relaxed after application. It soothes anxiety and creates a medicinal feel.


How Do You Use The Product?

Use twice a week. Apply a thin, even layer to a cleansed face and leave on for 10 minutes before gently wiping off any remaining residue with a damp cotton pad.

Decleor Cica-Botanic Mask

What’s Special About The Design?

Held in a smooth matte green tube that will remind you of the natural eucalyptus within, Decleor’s face mask is perfect for sustainable shoppers; its tube is made from 45% recycled plastic* as Decleor are passionate about reducing their environmental footprint.

The vivid yellow box is made of material from well-managed, FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources.

*except for the cap and the colourants.



Tested on sensitive skin.


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