Ralph Lauren Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Toilette Review

Ralph Lauren Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Toilette Review

Are you a fan of Ralph Lauren? If so, you’re in luck; they’ve added another fragrance into the mix. Polo Cologne Intense is a chypre-citrus Eau de Toilette for men that feels both classic and modern all at once. Read on to find out whether this could be your new signature scent…


The Most Important Thing About This Product Is…

Ralph Lauren Polo Cologne Intense perfectly blends fresh elegance with sophistication for a male fragrance that feels timelessly stylish while still being modern and exciting.

The fragrance opens with an uplifting blend of fresh grapefruit with cooling sage and a dash of spearmint to create an invigorating feel before the more aromatic heart of clary sage, violet leaf absolute and thyme are revealed. Finally, the earthy base of patchouli palette, warm and musky ambroxan, and dry vetiver presents itself.


You Will Love This If…

If you’re a fan of the iconic Polo Eau de Toilette, you’ll love this fragrance as some of the key notes within the original have been reinvented and built on to reveal a multifaceted masculine scent.

Ralph Lauren Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Toilette Review

Ralph Lauren Polo Cologne Intense Smells Similar To:

Polo Cologne Intense, of course, has similarities with Ralph Lauren Polo Eau de Toilette, particularly the fresh fruity start and the smoky, earthy base. However, this has a more aromatic and fresher take than its woody predecessor.


Is Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Toilette Unisex?

This is labelled as a fragrance for men; however, here at Escentual, we always encourage you to wear a fragrance that you love – no matter who it’s targeted at.

That being said, I see why this is seen as a typically masculine fragrance, and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes citrusy, earthy tones in perfume.

Ralph Lauren Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Toilette Review

What’s The Longevity Like?

The fragrance certainly surpassed the minimum expectations of an Eau de Toilette; I spritzed the scent on my wrist at around 10am and could still smell its subtle earthy tones by the end of the working day.

Top Tip: To enhance the longevity of any fragrance, make sure to apply directly to the pulse points – particularly the wrists, neck and chest, or wherever you feel a heartbeat.


What’s Special About The Bottle?

The fragrance is held in an emerald green glass with the iconic Polo logo in grey embossed on the front. The large muted silver cap adds a touch of style to the piece and makes a statement, too.


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