5 Best Budget Sunscreens For Your Face

5 Best Budget Sunscreens For Your Face; Avene, Eucerin, Uriage, Mustela

Sunscreen is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine. Not only does it protect your skin against premature ageing, but it shields you from the harmful effects of UV rays, which can lead to skin cancer. It’s a product you shouldn’t skip, and the sunscreen you choose should be excellent, not average.

Luckily, you have me on hand to help you uncover which SPFs are worth it and which is best for you. Here are five of the top face sunscreens on Escentual right now.


1. Best Sunscreen For: Dry Skin
Best Sunscreen for Dry Skin: Uriage Bariesun Dry Mist SPF50+

Product: Uriage Bariesun Dry Mist SPF50+

The sun dries your skin out, so if you already have dry skin, it’s even more essential that the SPF you choose is a hydrating one. The Bariesun Dry Mist SPF 50+ is the moisturising sunscreen everyone with dry skin needs. It offers very high, broad-spectrum sun protection against UVA and UVB rays, plus the spritz-and-go format quenches thirsty skin quickly with aquaspongines and Uriage’s soothing Thermal Water, preventing skin dehydration. And, despite its nourishing formula, the finish is invisible, non-sticky and as the name suggests, dry to the touch!

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2. Best Sunscreen For: Pigmentation
Best Sunscreen for Pigmentation: Eucerin Pigment Control SPF50+

Product: Eucerin Pigment Control Sun Fluid SPF50+

One of the leading causes of hyperpigmentation is the sun, so whether you have dark spots or want to prevent them, the Pigment Control Sun Fluid SPF 50+ is your ally. As well as offering very high, broad-spectrum sun protection against UVA and UVB rays, the fluid formula contains thiamidol, Eucerin’s patented ingredient, which is clinically proven to reduce the look of pigmentation and prevent their reappearance.

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3. Best Sunscreen For: Acne-Prone Skin
Best Sunscreen for Acne: Avene Cleanance Very High Protection Sunscreen SPF50+

Product: Avene Cleanance Very High Protection Sunscreen SPF50+

If you’re afraid of sunscreen making your acne worse, you need to try the Cleanance Very High Protection Sunscreen SPF 50+. Specifically for blemish-prone skin, the broad-spectrum, very high protection cream SPF contains sebum regulating active, monolaurin, and zinc gluconate to help target spots, plus Avene thermal spring water to soothe any irritations. The result is calm, clear, and most importantly, protected skin!

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4. Best Sunscreen For: Skin Conditions
Best Sunscreen for Skin Conditions; Pharmacers S Safe Protective Face Cream SPF50+

Product: Pharmaceris S Safe Protective Face Cream SPF50+

If you have a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis, finding a sunscreen that doesn’t irritate you or trigger a flare-up can be challenging. But you know you’re in good, gentle hands when a product is called S Safe Protective Face Cream SPF 50+. The 100% mineral filter formula sits on top of the skin to deflect harmful rays. It also contains hygroscopic molecules to enhance skin regeneration and diminish dryness. Plus, the high tolerance formula reduces the risk of sun-induced eczema and allergies, irritation and itching to keep skin comfortable.

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5. Best Sunscreen For: Kids
Best Sunscreen for Kids: Mustela Very High Protection Sun Lotion SPF50+

Product: Mustela Very High Protection Sun Lotion SPF50+

It’s not always possible to keep your little one in the shade, which is why every parent needs a sunscreen they can trust; the Very High Protection Sun Lotion SPF 50+ is that product. The broad-spectrum SPF is a favourite among mums, dads, and guardians worldwide for its quick application and high tolerance; the organic filters are so gentle you can use the formula on newborns!

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