Supercharge Your Beauty Routine With These 4 Product Enhancers

Supercharge Product Enhancers

Whether you’re a skincare fanatic and you want to supercharge your routine, or you opt for a lazy approach when it comes to beauty and want to make your existing products that little bit better, it’s safe to say that product enhancers have taken the beauty industry by storm – and it’s not difficult to see why!

I’ve selected some of my favourite product enhancers that will help to boost your routine, so you can get more out of your current skincare routine. There are a few new launches in this lineup for those who like to keep up-to-date with the latest skincare and beauty innovations, as well as some old classic favourites with some secret multi-uses. Whether you’re looking for a boost of hydration or to achieve a bronzed glow with your daily moisturiser, these are my favourite product boosters that help enhance your routine…


1. The Bronzing Boosters

Supercharge Product Enhancers: Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Face and Body

Lots of us like to tan, but we all know the dangers of UV rays, which mean that a naturally bronzed glow just isn’t worth it – especially if you’re more prone to burning than tanning, like me! But, fake tanning can be a chore, to say the least. There’s no need to worry, though, because I’ve got good news; you no longer have to bask in the sun to enjoy an all-over bronzed glow, the Clarins Golden Glow Booster for face and the body are here to transform your ordinary face cream and body lotions into effortless self-tanners without any added steps!

You may have already heard all about the Clarins glow drops; well, the great news is that they’ve been updated. These silky oil drops provide a made-to-measure tan as you simply add a few droplets into your moisturiser and body cream to achieve a healthy bronzed glow day after day. They transform your usual daily products into a self-tanning wonder! Perfect for self-tan lovers and complete novices alike, I love how these drops ensure a streak-free and sun-kissed radiance from top-to-toe. I was really impressed with the natural-looking bronzed glow they provided after just one use – and after using them for a few days, I looked like I just stepped off the plane from a trip away in the sun! They weren’t at all streaky (even when I wasn’t that careful with application) but blended in really nicely and evenly.

 Supercharge Product Enhancers: Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Face

If you’re a frequent reader of my blogs, you’ll already know that I look for sustainability and naturality when it comes to my go-to products, which is another reason I love these self-tanning drops. They’re made with 99% natural ingredients and are powered by Clarins original [Self-Tan Complex], which is made with two natural sugars obtained using biotechnology; 100% natural origin DHA and erythrulose work together to build an even and long-lasting glow. Plus, an added dose of moisturising aloe vera and organic fig work together to add a shot of hydration while caressing your skin in a warm and even glow.

After using these drops, I don’t think I could go back to using a self-tanner now; I would rather use the creams and lotions I already have and love now that they can offer the added bonus of giving me that warm vacay glow.

Supercharge Product Enhancers: Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body

How to use: For the Glow Drops For Face, simply add 2-3 drops of the oil to your moisturiser and then apply, and wash your hands afterwards.

For the Body Drops, add about 5 drops to your body cream or lotion, massage in, and wash your hands. Reapply every day to build a gorgeous bronzed tan, or I like to use them every other day to keep a gradual glow.

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2. The Skin-Enhancing Powders

Supercharge Product Enhancers: Philosophy Turbo Booster B3 Powder & Philosophy Turbo Booster B5 Powder

The Philosophy Turbo Boosters are tailored to your skin’s individual concerns – no matter whether you’re looking for a shot of hydration, or you’re looking to brighten, smooth and even out your skin. With two different offerings – a pure b3 powder and a pure b5 powder – these will literally supercharge your skincare. If you have a moisturiser that you simply adore because of its texture, scent or its abilities, but you wished it just did that little bit more, then the Philosophy Turbo Boosters are the ones for you.

Supercharge Product Enhancers: Philosophy Turbo Booster B3 Powder

First up, the B3 Turbo Booster is a radiance-revealing powder that’s pure topical niacinamide. This works to smooth, brighten and firm your complexion, while evening out tone and helping to prevent blemishes – it really is a wonder ingredient in the skincare world! When added to your favourite water-based moisturiser, it tackles fine lines and wrinkles by smoothing them out so you can boast a more youthful and plump finish, while also targeting dark spots and areas of pigmentation for a unified and radiant look. What’s more, this multitasking vitamin is naturally produced by our own body, so it’s unlikely to cause irritation.

Supercharge Product Enhancers: Philosophy Turbo Booster B5 Powder

On to the second Turbo Booster; vitamin b5 is also known as panthenol and changes your favourite face cream to a powerful moisturiser that provides 48 hours of hydration to quench thirsty skin. It fends off dehydration and deeply hydrates your complexion as it improves the skin’s barrier to prevent moisture loss. Vitamin b5 is a humectant, which means it helps skin attract water and hold on to it, making dullness and dehydration a thing of the past. Skin that’s properly hydrated just glows differently, which is why I love this plumping and moisturising super powder.

Another bonus? When the powders are blended into your favourite creams, you can’t feel them at all, so if you want to mix it with your absolute favourite formulas, you don’t have to worry about it changing to a grainy or sandy texture.

How to use: In the palm of your hand, mix the Turbo Booster powders with a water-based serum or moisturiser. They come with a long-handled scoop to help you scoop the right amount; it’s half a scoop of the B3 and a full spoon of the B5.

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3. The Vitamin C Boost

Supercharge Product Enhancers: The Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder

Similar to the Philosophy Turbo Boosters, The Ordinary’s L-Ascorbic Acid is a pot of pure topical vitamin C that you can add to your favourite moisturiser to make it even better. I’m sure you’re all aware by this point, the Escentual Beauty Team are a little bit obsessed with vitamin C – as are the rest of the beauty industry, and for good reason! It’s for this reason that I love this nifty product enhancer so much. It gives you all of the antioxidant benefits, skin-smoothing and glow-giving abilities of this powerhouse vitamin to not only transform your ordinary products, but to transform your skin too.

So why exactly is vitamin C so good for our skin? Well, to start with, it’s an excellent antioxidant, which means it protects skin cells from damaging free radicals that play a role in premature ageing. It’s also incredibly brightening too, which is perfect if you’re looking for a radiant and even finish. It combats pigmentation and dark spots by inhibiting melanin production, helping you achieve an even and unified finish, while also preventing them from reappearing.

Supercharge Product Enhancers: The Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder

The Ordinary’s L-Ascorbic Acid Powder provides the most direct exposure of high concentration vitamin C, so this is an ideal way to give your skin all the goodness of this ingredient without having to add any extra steps into your routine; it’s perfect for busy individuals who like streamlined routines and effortless skincare that saves you time, money and energy. Just like the Philosophy boosters, once mixed with your product, you can’t feel the vitamin C powder; it melts in so you don’t have to worry about an unpleasant grainy texture.

Heads up though – don’t use this vitamin C powder in conjunction with products containing niacinamide or EUK 134, as they can affect the abilities of this pure-form vitamin.

How to use: Mix a small amount with your moisturiser in the morning or evening. It may tingle at first as skin gets used to the potent vitamin C formula.

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4. The Dewy Drops

Supercharge Product Enhancers: Benefit High Beam - Complexion Highlighter

Now, this one is more of a sneaky beauty hack rather than a dedicated product enhancer, but it’s something I love doing so I wanted to share my secret with you. The Benefit High Beam is an absolute icon in the makeup world – and it has been since its launch all the way back in 2010. If you’re a fan, then you’ll know that this liquid highlighter adds a satiny-sheen to your complexion in all of the right places.

But my tip on how to use it as a product enhancer? Take a matte foundation and add a few drops of this glow-giving liquid and – voila! It transforms into a dewy dream! It offers an undeniable lit-from-within luminescence. It’s perfect for upcycling old matte formulas that you no longer wear, especially if you now prefer a dewy glowing finish.

Supercharge Product Enhancers: Benefit High Beam - Complexion Highlighter

Plus, because the pink shade is so subtle and sheer, it doesn’t change the colour of your foundation, but rather gives it a shimmering and glowing effect. Another use? Mix it with your moisturiser to achieve a fresh-faced and barely-there glow that simply shines with a doll-faced radiance, or even add a few drops to your body cream for an all-over gorgeous shimmering effect. The possibilities are endless!

How to use: Mix it with your favourite foundation before applying to your complexion.

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