3 Eye Creams to Hydrate Dry Under Eyes

Three Best Hydrating Eye Creams For Dry Eyes

Dry skin can be troublesome at the best of times, but when it’s under your eyes it can be difficult to know what to do and why it could be happening. If your skin feels tight, looks flaky, or fine lines are emphasised chances are you’re suffering from dryness. However, the good news is there are lots of things you can do to help relieve and treat dry under-eyes…


What causes dryness around the eyes?

More fragile skin – the skin is thinner and more delicate in the eye area, plus the lack of sebaceous (or oil) glands that help to keep skin moisturised and hydrated in this area means it’s more tricky for it to retain moisture and can be more at risk of drying out.
Age – as you get older the skin around your eyes gets thinner so has an even harder job of retaining moisture.
Cold weather – can cause eczema flare-ups around the eye area.
Stress – when we are under the weather or not getting enough sleep we can also become very dehydrated and the skin around the eyes is one of the first places to show it.


What skincare ingredients can help with dryness around the eyes?

Hyaluronic Acid – nothing beats hyaluronic acid when it comes to injecting your skin with hydration. It works by drawing moisture from the air and holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

Glycerin – a natural, fatty substance that combats dryness of the delicate skin in the eye area. It helps to plump the skin and reduce irritation.


1. Budget: DHC Concentrated Eye Cream

3 Eye Creams to Hydrate Dry Under Eyes: DHC Concentrated Eye Cream

• Helps with dryness, improving elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, energising.

• Infused with humectants and botanical extracts.
• Antioxidant-rich olive oil.
• Vitamin E.
• Sodium hyaluronate: a derivative of hyaluronic acid.

Texture: non-greasy light cream.
Scent: fragrance-free.
Application: pot; apply with your fingertips both morning and evening.

Don’t be fooled by the plain packaging of this hydrating eye cream. It’s packed full of moisturising and protective ingredients to soothe dry skin around the eyes. Organic olive oil, rich in antioxidants maintains the skin’s moisture barrier without clogging pores while vitamin E is a natural skin conditioner. But for me, the star of the show is the sodium hyaluronate which I haven’t come across before in an eye cream. It’s a derivative of hyaluronic acid and works to condition the skin as well as prevent skin dehydration.

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2. Investment: Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Hydrating Eye Creams For Dry Under Eyes: Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

• Helps with restoring the natural moisture of the skin, protects from dehydration, restores suppleness and improves the appearance of dry skin.

• Antioxidant – beta-carotene.
• Hydrating shea butter.
• Avocado oil.
• Water-in-oil emulsion formula

Texture: rich and creamy water-in-oil emulsion.
Scent: fragrance free.
Application: Pot; tap between your fingers first to make it easier to apply to the eye area. Use both morning and night.

It’s not surprising that Kiehl’s avocado eye cream has cult status in the beauty world. It’s hydrating and indulgently creamy, but because of its unique water-in-oil consistency, it bursts into water upon application, providing an instant hit of moisture around the eye. Difficult to describe, this cream is one that you have to experience to fully appreciate. Loaded with a cocktail of nourishing ingredients including avocado oil and shea butter plus beta-carotene to fight off free radicals, this is Kiehl’s best-selling eye cream for a reason.
Tip: Again, I love to apply this straight from the fridge because it feels extra cooling and I love that it sits wonderfully underneath makeup; the fact that it makes the perfect eye primer is a bonus.

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3. Luxury: GUERLAIN Super Aqua Eye Serum

3 Eye Creams to Hydrate Dry Under Eyes: GUERLAIN Super Aqua Eye Serum

• Helps with hydration, reducing dark circles and puffiness.

• Aquacomplex technology purifies water already in the skin to increase hydration levels.
• Boosts micro-circulation.
• Suitable for sensitive skin.
• Immediate and long term results.

Texture: light creamy serum.
Scent: fragrance-free.
Application: pump bottle; apply both morning and evening with your fingertips to the under eye and upper eyelids.

This intelligent eye cream takes hydrating dry skin under the eyes to the next level. Yeast extract and ruscogenine combine with GUERLAIN’s Aquacomplex technology to purify the water that exists already in the skin that tends to be already polluted. As it purifies it encourages the flow of hydration so that skin is less dry and helps to plump out any wrinkles as well as stimulate the production of collagen.

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What else can I do to help with dryness under the eyes?

Stop using harsh products – overuse of deep cleansers and products such as scrubs and peels that contain harsh chemicals or alcohol can dry out the skin around the eyes.

Reduce additional stress to your eyes – don’t rub them or use overly hot water on your face and keep your makeup brushes clean.

Hydrate – ensure that you are drinking plenty of water (two litres a day is ideal).

Diet – antioxidant-rich foods such as leafy green vegetables, brightly coloured fruits and nuts will help to keep skin healthy.

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