Nuxe Organic 24HR Fresh-Feel Deodorant Balm Review

Nuxe Organic 24HR Fresh-Feel Deodorant Balm

Balm deodorants are revolutionising our lives with their eco-friendly, buttery powder texture – and the award-winning Nuxe Organic 24HR Fresh-Feel Deodorant Balm is no exception! Harnessing over 30 years of sustainable skincare expertise, the revitalising deodorant is created with 99% natural ingredients for a long-lasting deodorant balm that respects the skin’s natural PH, all without leaving any unwanted white marks. Caught your attention? Read on to find out more…


The Most Important Thing About This Nuxe Organic Deodorant Is…

Part of the Nuxe Organic collection, the Fresh-Feel Deodorant Balm offers 24-hour effectiveness and odour protection, while leaving your armpits soft and dry to touch – and of course, it does so without leaving behind any yellow or white marks! Plus, the fresh and delicate orange blossom aroma fills your senses for a revitalising moment each morning.

Nuxe Organic 24HR Fresh-Feel Deodorant Balm Review

What Skin Type Is It For?

Nuxe’s organic deodorant is suitable for all skin types.


You Will Love This If…

Nuxe’s new take on deodorant combines absorbent botanical powder with botanical oil to soak up perspiration and leave armpits soft and dry. The 24 hours of protection is perfect for anyone with an active, manual or high pressure job who’s prone to perspiration but struggles to find effective protection. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use, eco-friendly replacement for your spray or roll-on deodorant, then Nuxe’s solid deodorant is a perfect alternative.

Review of Nuxe Organic 24HR Fresh-Feel Deodorant Balm

Hero Ingredients:

Formulated with 99% natural origin ingredients – of which 89% are sourced through organic farming – the 24HR Fresh-Feel Deodorant Balm utilises organic corn starch powder for its high absorption capacity as it effectively captures humidity. The waterless, vegan formula also contains purifying organic coconut oil. Plus, the balm has been approved by both The Vegan Society and Ecocert Greenlife (for its organic formula), so you can feel good and smell good too!

Nuxe Organic 24HR Fresh-Feel Deodorant Balm Review

What Does It Feel Like?

The environmentally-friendly deodorant has a powdery balm texture; just like cream, it effortlessly glides onto your skin, ensuring your body contours are covered. The lightweight texture has a dry finish, so you can enjoy a natural and comfortable feel all day long.


What Does It Smell Like?

The Nuxe Organic 24HR Fresh-Feel Deodorant has an invigorating, fresh and sweet orange blossom scent that fills the senses with each and every application.

Nuxe Organic 24HR Fresh-Feel Deodorant Balm Review

How Do You Use The Product?

Apply a small amount of the deodorant balm to your fingertips and apply to the underarms just like a cream; there’s no need to wait to get dressed either – just apply and go!


What’s Special About The Design?

The aluminum jar is lightweight and made from 100% recyclable material, but Nuxe haven’t compromised on design! The luxurious pot is the perfect size to slip straight into your bag, while the screw-on lid design holds the precious balm tightly inside – perfect for mess-free travel.

Nuxe Organic 24HR Fresh-Feel Deodorant Balm Review


Vegan. Certified organic.

99% natural origin ingredients. 89% of ingredients proceed from organic farming.



2021 Glamour Beauty Award Winner – Best Deodorant.


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