Nuxe Organic Gentle Superfatted Soap Review

Nuxe Organic Gentle Superfatted Soap Review

In 2020, Nuxe ventured into certified-organic skincare. And for 2021, the Nuxe Organic Gentle Superfatted Soap joins their popular organic collection. The vegan cleansing bar has been created with 99% natural origin ingredients for a high-quality soap that’s powered by nourishing botanical oils; it leaves skin soft, cleansed and comfortable.

Keep reading to discover all about this 2021 addition to the fan-favourite Nuxe Organic range…


The Most Important Thing About This Nuxe Superfatted Soap Is…

Nuxe’s multifunctional soap can be used on both the face and body; it even removes traces of makeup, everyday impurities and pollution for a radiant and clean feeling.

Formulated by master soap-makers in Provence, Nuxe utilises traditional superfatting methods to deliver a nourishing soap bar that cocoons your skin in botanical oils while you wash. The superfatting method transforms lye into glycerin in order to attract moisture and form a protective barrier over the skin, preventing your skin from becoming dry and dehydrated.

Nuxe Organic Gentle Superfatted Soap Review

What Skin Type Is It For?

Nuxe’s Gentle Superfatted Soap is suitable for all skin types, so everyone can enjoy an effective cleansing experience.


You Will Love This If…

If, like me, you find your skin feels dry and dehydrated after you cleanse, you’ll love this soap bar, thanks to its soft and nourishing formula. Plus, the 100% recyclable packaging and biodegradable formula is perfect for eco-conscious skincare lovers, or anyone looking for an alternative to plastic soap pumps.


Hero Ingredients:

Enriched with 99% natural origin ingredients, the formula contains organic camelina oil, extracted by cold pressing seeds, for its rich omega 3 and 6 content; this helps to comfort and moisturise your skin. In addition, a botanical-origin soap base with coconut and sunflower oil works to effectively cleanse skin, whilst maintaining its natural PH-balance, making it ideal for sensitive or dry skin.

Review of Nuxe Organic Gentle Superfatted Soap

What Does It Feel Like?

Nuxe’s superfatted soap has a soft, creamy texture that bursts into a nourishing foam as it’s massaged in, leaving your skin feeling comfortable and effectively purified.


What Does It Smell Like?

The bar releases a subtle orange blossom scent that’s fresh and invigorating.


How Do You Use The Product?

Use Nuxe’s organic soap once or twice a day on the face and/or body. Rub the soap between your hands to create a creamy foam and gently massage the lather over your skin before rinsing off.

Nuxe Organic Gentle Superfatted Soap Review

What’s Special About The Design?

Nuxe’s Gentle Soap is embossed with their iconic logo for a more traditional style of soap. To reduce waste, the bar is wrapped in 100% recyclable paper.



Vegan. Certified organic. Biodegradable formula.

99% of total ingredients are of natural origin. 73% of total ingredients are derived from organic farming.


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