Nuxe Organic Invigorating Superfatted Soap Review

Nuxe Organic Invigorating Superfatted Soap Review

A 2021 addition to the fan-favourite Nuxe Organic collection, Nuxe’s Invigorating Superfatted Soap has been formulated by master soap-makers, who use the traditional soap-making process of superfatting to create an effective cleansing bar that’s powered by botanical ingredients.

Created in Provence, Nuxe’s Invigorating Superfatted Soap effectively cleanses both the face and the body while releasing a fresh, sweet floral aroma. Keep reading to discover all about Nuxe’s eco-friendly soap bar…


The Most Important Thing About This Soap Is…

Nuxe have utilised the superfatting process to create an efficacious face and body cleanser that thoroughly cleanses your skin without drying it out. Featuring an invigorating blend of botanical oils, the 99% natural origin formula spotlights organic camelina oil; known as ‘gold of pleasure’, camelina is rich in omega 6 and 3 so it helps to nourish the skin with every wash. But what do I love the most about this launch? That fact that Nuxe is kind to both your skin and the environment; the bar’s vegan, biodegradable formula is approved by both COSMOS ORGANIC and The Vegan Society.

Nuxe Organic Invigorating Superfatted Soap Review

What Skin Type Is It For?

Luckily for us, Nuxe’s superfatted soap is suitable for all skin types.


You Will Love This If…

If, like me, you love skincare that works hard, you’ll love this soap; its creamy, moisturising foam quickly removes traces of makeup, impurities and pollution – what more could you want?

And if you’re looking to make an eco-friendly switch, Nuxe’s organic soap is a great alternative to plastic soap pumps and cleansers.


Hero Ingredients:

Nuxe have harvested 73% of the ingredients using organic farming methods to ensure the highest-quality soap. Carefully selected camelina oil comforts the skin as you wash, while your skin’s natural balance is respected by a botanical blend of coconut and sunflower oil, which unite in the soap’s base to purify the skin without drying it out.

Review of Nuxe Organic Invigorating Superfatted Soap

What Does It Feel Like?

The soap bar bursts into a nourishing foam that cocoons your skin as you wash.


What Does It Smell Like?

The Nuxe Organic Superfatted Soap bar is enriched with a subtle orange blossom fragrance that creates an energising experience as you cleanse, leaving your skin fresh and subtly scented.


How Do You Use The Product?

Use once or twice a day on the face and/or body. Rub the soap between your hands to create a creamy foam and gently work it over your skin before rinsing off.

Nuxe Organic Invigorating Superfatted Soap Review

What’s Special About The Design?

The refreshing soap bar is embossed with Nuxe’s iconic logo and wrapped in lightweight paper that’s 100% recyclable; the eco-friendly design makes it the perfect housewarming gift for any Nuxe lover.



Vegan. Certified organic.

99% of total ingredients are of natural origin. 73% of total ingredients are derived from organic farming.


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