DHC Mild Foaming Face Wash Review

Review of DHC Mild Foaming Face Wash

Find the perfect balance between innovative skincare and traditional botanicals with the 2021 addition to DHC’s tried-and-tested Japanese skincare ritual. Inspired by the best-selling mild soap, the DHC Mild Foaming Face Wash tackles everything from makeup and dirt to excess oils. Discover how this gentle antioxidant cleanser can help you achieve moisturised and healthy skin…


The Most Important Thing About This DHC Mild Foaming Cleanser Is…

DHC’s Foaming Face Wash combines virgin olive oil and soothing honey to soften, cleanse and hydrate your skin. The gentle formula banishes makeup and excess oil without striping the skin of natural moisture, resulting in a refreshing cleansing experience that won’t irritate your skin. The rich foam acts like a cushion for your complexion, reducing friction and unnecessary stress whilst washing.


What Skin Type Is It For?

The Mild Foaming Face Wash is suitable for all skin types, but the fragrance-free formula is especially beneficial for dry, sensitive skin types.

Review of DHC Mild Foaming Face Wash

You Will Love This If…

If your skin feels tight or dehydrated after washing, you could be using a face wash that’s too strong for your skin type. If this sounds familiar, the DHC Mild Foaming Face Wash might just be the perfect solution; it offers powerful cleansing properties while offering moisturising protection for a gentle yet effective cleanse. Plus, fans of the DHC Mild Soap will love this similarly gentle formula, which is now transformed into a foaming gel that’s creamer than ever.


Hero Ingredients:

The Mild Foaming Face Wash is jam-packed with antioxidants thanks to its rich content of organic olive oil which works to maintain the skin’s barrier, as well as fighting damage caused by free radicals such as UV rays or pollution. To complete the mix, a drizzle of soothing honey is added in to ensure a nourished and moisturised complexion.

DHC Mild Foaming Face Wash Review

What Does It Feel Like?

The Mild Foaming cleanser starts off as a shiny thick gel before it bursts into a nourishing rich mousse upon contact with water.


How Do You Use The Product?

Before application, wet the face with lukewarm water; create a lather in the palms of your hands and massage the foam into the skin. Rinse thoroughly with water before towel drying.

Skincare Review: DHC Mild Foaming Face Wash

What’s Special About The Design?

The DHC Foaming Face Wash is housed within an easy-to-use squeezy tube, so you can enjoy every last drop. And anyone who frequently misplaces their bottle lids will love the flip-top cap, which can never venture far away from the bottle!



Fragrance-free, colourant-free.


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