DHC By the Sea Mineral Cream Review

DHC By the Sea Mineral Cream Review

Harness the powers of the sea to cocoon your skin in nature’s natural hydration with the DHC By the Sea Mineral Cream, a vegan moisturiser that quenches the skin with its mineral-rich formula.


The Most Important Thing About This DHC moisturiser Is…

With a 92% natural formula at its core, the By The Sea face cream is packed with nourishing and balancing minerals to deeply hydrate dehydrated skin. The complexion is left clearer and brighter as the cream works to banish blemishes to promote a clear and healthy finish. It boosts skin’s plumpness and firmness while locking in moisture for a healthy-looking and dewy complexion. Plus, it’s non-irritating and is gentle on skin so skin is kept smooth, soft and comfortable with each use, while it also works to fend off environmental stressors.


What Skin Type Is It For?

The DHC mineral cream is suitable for all skin types, and will especially target your dehydration concerns.


You Will Love This If…

If you’ve noticed your skin looking a little dull, lacklustre and dehydrated, then this is the quenching and natural moisturiser to restore its dewy glow; plus, it’s vegan too.


Hero Ingredients:

The 92% natural face cream is infused with mineral-rich deep sea water, which is drawn from 2000 feet under Japan’s Izu peninsula. This water is twice filtered to create a harmonious balance of minerals to deeply hydrate and balance the skin in deep sea goodness. This is met with fermented lactobacillus liquid derived from Akazawa deep sea water, which works to stimulate human fibroblasts for a plumper and firmer finish. Skin’s moisture barrier is enhanced and protected thanks to purple laver seaweed, which also promotes ceramides production, while cold-water kelp defends skin against environmental stress. Blemishes are reduced and prevented with soothing Japanese rose extracts, using roses grown in Hokkaido.

What Does It Feel Like?

The DHC moisturiser has a unique jelly-like texture that’s a hybrid between a cream, a gel and a lotion. It feels cooling, hydrating and refreshing as you massage it in, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth as it absorbs quickly.


What Does It Smell Like?

The moisturiser is fragrance-free, yet has a delightfully fresh and subtle aroma.


How Do You Use The Product?

Massage into your complexion every morning and evening. It works in harmony with the DHC By The Sea Mineral Liquid Lotion as part of a double moisture regime, so make sure you use that first for your most supremely moisturised and plump skin yet. It’s a winning combination!


What’s Special About The Design?

The white cream is housed in a metallic azure-blue tub, while the outer packaging is dressed in images of the sea to remind you of the ocean-derived extracts within.


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