Philosophy The Microdelivery Resurfacing Solution

Review of the Philosophy The Microdelivery Resurfacing Solution

Philosophy’s The Microdelivery Resurfacing Solution claims that you’ll get ‘baby soft skin in 1 day’; this sounded incredibly enticing, so I wanted to put it to the test to see if it really works.

Clinical Trial Results:

• Reveals baby soft skin after 1 day.
• Instant boost in hydration by 38%, while offering sustained 8-hour hydration.
• Immediately replenishes, soothes and balances skin.


The Most Important Thing About This Liquid Exfoliator Is…

It won’t peel or irritate your skin. Unlike most AHA exfoliators, this one is gentle and non-abrasive, so it will benefit all skin types.


What Skin Type Is It For?

All skin types can use this Philosophy exfoliator – but those with dull skin will see the most return. Its brightening abilities also work on diffusing the appearance of visible pores and discolouration.


You Will Love This If…

You want to stick to your current skincare routine but need something extra to smooth your skin’s texture and give it some clarity. If you’ve tried countless acid toners and hate the subsequent burning or stinging, this is the one for you.


Hero Ingredients:

4% AHAs: for gentle exfoliation.
• Responsibly-sourced cica: to help soothe skin.
Vitamin C: to brighten and reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone.
Anti-ageing peptides: to help smooth your skin.
Niacinamide: to soothe and brighten.
Hyaluronic acid: to boost hydration.
Witch hazel: to purify your complexion.

Together, this clever combination of skin-refining ingredients works to exfoliate, soothe and hydrate your complexion, removing dead skin cells to encourage faster cell renewal for brighter-looking skin.


What Does It Feel Like?

This exfoliator feels really refreshing after a long day. Its watery formula is cool and light. Even though I have dry skin, whenever I use it, I feel like my skin is left with a soft veil of moisture; I call it ‘comfy skin’.


How Do You Use The Product?

It’s important to have some cotton pads handy for this one. You flick open the black cap and place your cotton pad on top of the pump. Press down to saturate the cotton pad and sweep the treatment over your skin, taking care to avoid the eye area. Next, follow with a water spray or essence, and then apply the next steps in your routine. It’s recommended that you use this step five times a week. And it’s always important to use a very high SPF the following day as AHAs make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.


What’s Special About The Design?

The pump top of Philosophy’s resurfacing solution is what’s most special. When used correctly, it encourages less waste as you don’t need to pour it out to get what you need.


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