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Why Keavy Is Our Stocking Fillers Expert

As a  Communications and Campaigns Assistant, Keavy always has her stocking fillers chosen way ahead of time. Whether she’s spotted an exciting new lipstick while creating a blog post, or she’s discovered the dreamiest eyeshadow while filming #TextureTuesdays, Keavy knows the perfect little treats to make your loved one’s stocking fillers extra special this Christmas…


Keavy’s Top Gifting Tip

“My advice for anyone who’s looking to buy stocking fillers is just to listen to your friends and family, if they’ve said anything that they want – any little mention – and it makes a really good thoughtful gift, and probably just stay on budget because something small always works better in a stocking.”


Keavy’s Top Stocking Fillers

Her favourite picks for this Christmas are all here. But after getting some one-on-one time to catch up with Keavy, we found out her key favourites…


1. Clarins Blur and Matte Stick

Stocking Fillers: Clarins My Clarins Pore-Less Blur and Matte Stick

Keavy’s Pick: Clarins My Clarins Pore-Less Blur and Matte Stick

Meet the secret to smooth, shine-free skin: Clarins’ Blur and Matte stick. It’s a multipurpose product that keeps your skin looking mattified and your pores nowhere to be seen – it’s great for men and women!


2. Nesti Dante Gold Soap

Stocking Fillers Nesti Dante Luxury Gold Body Cleanser On A Rope

Keavy’s Pick: Nesti Dante Luxury Gold Body Cleanser On A Rope

The Nesti Dante soap is enriched with 23k gold leaf – how luxurious! It makes every day feel like an occasion; plus, its handy rope means it won’t slip around in your bath or shower!


3. Nuxe Organic Deodorant Balm

Stocking Fillers: Nuxe Organic 24HR Fresh-Feel Deodorant Balm

Keavy’s Pick: Nuxe Organic 24HR Fresh-Feel Deodorant Balm

Nuxe’s solid deodorant is a gift your loved one never knew they wanted. Its ability to keep you fresh all day long while being pocket-sized makes it an everyday essential.


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Keavy on Christmas

What Excites Keavy About Christmas?

“My favourite part about Christmas…It’s got to be that everything is sparkly – I know it sounds like really niche and not what you’re meant to say but it’s just everything’s sparkly – the tops, the makeup… I just love it!”


Keavy’s Favourite Christmas Tradition Is…

“So, my favourite Christmas tradition is… My family, when we were younger, my mum didn’t used to like giving us chocolate because she thought we couldn’t have it every day for Advent Calendar so she used to buy us little presents, every day, so we used to go downstairs and be like: ‘who’s turn is it today?’ and we’d get a little present.”

“Sometimes she does it now when we go home; it’s quite cute.”


The Most Thoughtful Gift Keavy Ever Received Was…

“Probably the most thoughtful present I’ve ever received was… I get really cold feet. I know that sounds really silly. But you know when people notice when you complain or something? And then my friend got me 14 tog big woolly socks and I got really emotional about it because it was just really thoughtful!”


Who Is Keavy Treating This Christmas?

“The person I’m treating this Christmas is my friend, Ella. She’s a fab friend, you know like, sometimes you have a friend who you do fun things with, you do active things with, you go for coffees with. She’s just all of those friends in one, so you can just do everything together; she’s just fun.”


Pick Their Perfect Present From Us…

“The present I’m getting for Ella this Christmas is the ‘Clarins My Clarins Blur and Matte Stick’. I’ve chosen this product because I know Ella gets really self-conscious about her skin – not that she needs to – but this stick will help her blur and matte her pores, which I know will make her feel better, so I think it’s a really good gift for her.”


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