5 Fragrances To Fall For This Autumn

Best Autumn Fragrances

For many of us, perfume is a part of our wardrobe. And in the same way that we ditch sandals and shorts for fluffy jumpers during autumn, we can also switch out our current scents for something new and exciting as the weather turns. And if you’re looking to switch up your fragrance wardrobe this autumn, you’re in luck: I’ve summed up a few of my top perfume recommendations for this time of year.

There are endless ways to switch up our signature scent for the season; whether we opt for bolder versions of existing perfumes, whether we prefer something rich and warm as we snuggle up by the fire, or maybe even choose a scent that reminds us of warmer days to boost our mood on those long, drawn-out grey days. So, keep reading to find out which perfumes you’ll want to be wearing this autumn…


1. The Scent For Summer Reminiscing

Best Autumn Fragrances: Michael Kors Gorgeous! Eau de Parfum

Why It’s Perfect For This Time Of Year: As soon as I heard about the new-for-2021 Michael Kors fragrance, I knew I’d be hooked. Not only is the scent itself dreamy, but I love the story and message behind it: Gorgeous! Eau de Parfum aims to empower women by inspiring optimism and confidence everyday – a message to get behind every season of the year, not just autumn!

What It Smells Like: The perfume itself is one that I think lots of women will love wearing this season; to start, it has a more uplifting, bright citrus tone that reminds me of long-forgotten sun-kissed summer days; although this might not initially scream autumn, I like that it creates a more joyful, upbeat feeling that initially reminds me of the summer holidays I miss during this time of year, in that comforting, uplifting way that’s only made possible through fragrance. Then, the scent settles on your skin for a more unusual twist on an otherwise sweet, honeyed white floral heart; a touch of smoky tobacco is added to balance the fragrance, drying it out and warming it up slightly, while the rich, creamy white petal facets – including the likes of jasmine sambac, tuberose and neroli – take centre stage.

Finally, the cosiness of the base notes unveils itself as a range of woods harmonise with the likes of suede and vanillary tonka bean for a scent that’s as snuggly as it is sensual.

Michael Kors Gorgeous! Eau de Parfum Review

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2. The Scent For Autumn Mornings

Best Autumn Fragrances: Ralph Lauren Ralph's Club Eau de Parfum

Why It’s Perfect For This Time Of Year: Although there are lots of things that I love about autumn – pumpkin spiced lattes and big fluffy jumpers included – I will admit that there’s one thing I hate: getting out of bed on cold, rainy mornings! But thankfully, the power of fragrance is on our side, and Ralph Lauren Ralph’s Club is the type of scent that will instantly make you feel ready to take on the day.

What It Smells Like: Ralph Lauren’s woody-fougere fragrance for men is laced with deeply aromatic notes for a scent that’s clean and fresh to begin with, but also has an underlying suave, sophisticated nature. It starts with an aromatic fruity freshness, thanks to the likes of lavandin, crisp apple and grapefruit before the heart explores clary sage, geranium and orange blossom. Finally, the warm woody dryness of Virginia cedarwood and smoky vetiver blend together for a diffused, sensual tone. I love the transition from fresh, bright top notes to soft, warm and dry base notes; it takes you from early autumn mornings when you’re reluctant to get out of bed to cosy autumn evenings when you want to exude a sense of style in the swankiest bar in town.

Ralph Lauren Ralph’s Club Eau de Parfum Review

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3. The Scent For Blue-Sky Days

Best Autumn Fragrances: Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Toilette

Why It’s Perfect For This Time Of Year: Personally, I picture Prada’s powerful fougere fragrance for men being worn on those crisp, cool autumn days where the sky is a bright, optimistic shade of blue, but you need a thick coat to keep out of the cold, biting wind; it’s perfect for when you want a scent that feels as cool and revitalised as you.

What It Smells Like: To me, Prada Luna Rossa Ocean is like a breath of fresh air that’s been carried across the Atlantic ocean. This edition to the Luna Rossa fragrance line opens with the refreshingly sharp facets of bergamot and herbal artemisia, balanced by a dash of pink pepper. The heart has an aromatic freshness that is slightly warm and earthy but still subtly sophisticated, while the fragrance reveals drier, earthier tones of vetiver, musk and patchouli as it mellows on your skin for a seductive finish.

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Toilette Review

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4. The Scent For Rainy Autumn Days

Best Autumn Perfumes: Giorgio Armani My Way Intense Eau de Parfum Refillable Spray

Why It’s Perfect For This Time Of Year: Autumn is a great time to switch up your fragrance wardrobe for a bolder scent that will put a spring in your step when the weather’s a little bleak – and it’s for this reason that Giorgio Armani My Way Intense has made it into my fragrance recommendations for the season. Fans of the original My Way Eau de Parfum will love this rich, amplified take on the perfume as it features many of the same notes, but it’s now even stronger, making a powerful statement on even the greyest autumn days.

What It Smells Like: Just like the best-selling original, My Way Intense starts with a rich, sweet orange blossom note, but this time the bergamot is swapped out for a tart bitter orange facet for a more intense floral tone. The heart is streamlined to just a single opulent tuberose note, which exudes an intoxicatingly creamy, velvety richness before the addictively sensual woody base of sandalwood and sustainably-sourced vanilla warms on your skin to create a cosy, seductive and almost-edible mood that’ll keep you hooked all the way through the season and beyond.

Giorgio Armani My Way Intense Eau de Parfum Review

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5. The Scent For Snuggling Up

Best Autumn Perfume: Ghost Orb of Night Eau de Parfum

Why It’s Perfect For This Time Of Year: When Ghost’s certified-vegan fragrance first launched back in May 2021, I was lucky enough to try it and write a full review on it. But I’ll admit that the first time I tried it, I was surprised. Why? Because of how warm and rich it was! Of course, it can be worn during the summer, but I’d personally choose to wear Ghost Orb of Night in the colder months; it’s a scent that warms you up from the outside in.

What It Smells Like: To me, Orb of Night is perfect for autumn; it’s instantly alluring, thanks to a leading cherry-almond tone that’s enhanced by sparkling mandarin and sunny bergamot for a fleeting fruitiness. Delicate freesia, fresh orange blossom, sweet ylang-ylang and heady jasmine unfold in the heart before that rich, cosy and sexy base kicks in. To me, the base of Ghost’s perfume is a steaming hot dessert on a cold autumn evening; golden, gooey caramel is drizzled over soft, creamy sandalwood, balanced by a touch of ambergris and quietly seductive white musk.

Ghost released this perfume to offer a slightly moodier, more decadent scent compared to their current lineup – and if that doesn’t scream autumn, I don’t know what does.

Ghost Orb of Night Eau de Parfum Review

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